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News |  27 Nov 2020 12:20 |  By RnMTeam

Vishal Bhardwaj, Vishal Dadlani collaborate on a 'relevant, necessary' song

MUMBAI: Filmmaker-composer Vishal Bhardwaj has written and composed a new single titled Mask kho gaya that has been sung by singer-composer Vishal Dadlani.

"Interesting times can spur interesting ideas as well as reflect current times. 'Mask kho gaya' for me is that. Also collaborating with Vishal Dadlani always brings in fresh exciting energy," said Bhardwaj.

Dadlani had earlier collaborated with Bhardwaj on songs like "Dhan te nan" and "Aao na".

He said that the most interesting aspect of the song is "perhaps it's the fact that people are taking what they want from it. People who want to listen to a song are doing just that, but people who want to grasp the lyrics are doing that too. Those who want to avoid thinking of local issues are seeing only global politics, but those who are more aware and conscious of what's happening here, are seeing the reality of the lockdown and some of the India's issues too".

"I think that's the hallmark of inclusive art, that it allows the audience a choice of whether or not they want to confront the deeper questions. That way, the audience also gets an insight about themselves," added Dadlani.

The animated music video for the song is by animator-filmmaker-illustrator duo Susruta and Saswata Mukherjee.

Political leaders like Donald Trump, Imran Khan and Narendra Modi appear in animated form in the video that talks about the pandemic and issues related to it.

Describing the video, Dadlani said: "I think it's incredibly powerful. I've watched it about fifteen times so far, and each time, I find something new."

"A signboard carrying a slogan and image that have both been almost entirely erased, or a poster resembling Babasaheb pose some very subtle but crucial thinking-points, whereas the frustration at the pointless tokenism of flowers being dropped from helicopters is a little more on the nose. There's a lot to be said, and the video is very articulate, and at many levels. I'm deeply proud to be a part of something so relevant and necessary," he added.

Fans are loving it too.

"MaskKhoGaya @VishalBhardwaj ji @VishalDadlani you always got amazing songs from Bhardwaj ji and this song is next level. Satirical, thought provoking," tweeted one fan.

Another fan wrote: "It's so amazing how some artists can channelise all the pain and despair and then use their art as a medium to vent it all out and yet make it look beautiful and put a smile on your face."

"What a brilliant stand on current socio-political situation," wrote another netizen.

(Source: IANS)