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News |  09 Dec 2020 17:43 |  By RnMTeam

Tina Turner misses her late son Craig 'as much as ever'

MUMBAI: Legendary singer Tina Turner says she misses her son Craig as much as ever. He had committed suicide in 2018.

"I was in Paris with Erwin (her husband) to celebrate our anniversary and attend our friend Giorgio Armani's fashion show. After the show, I was about to go to bed when Erwin received an urgent message from Los Angeles. Craig had died by suicide," Tina wrote in her book "Happiness Becomes You", reports

"It's been almost two years now, but I miss Craig as much as ever. Craig suffered from profound loneliness, which I believe was related to clinical depression. He was close to his younger brother, but he suffered in silence. It wasn't until his sudden death I began to understand that Craig faced serious mental health challenges," she added.

Craig's death came after Tina herself had battled suicidal thoughts, and even attempted to take her life by consuming 50 sleeping pills in the midst of her abusive marriage to Ike Turner. Their marriage had lasted from 1962 to 1978.

Tina believed she was still alive because she had "a mission to accomplish".

"After I attempted suicide, I felt that I was still alive because I had a purpose, a mission to accomplish in life," she said.

"And after surviving years of abuse, I knew I had an innate resilience I could tap into. If I could increase that, I knew I could become unshakably happy and make my dreams come true. When I could finally see myself and my life clearly, that's when I could find my way around any obstacle. I was able to overcome my challenges and realize my dreams," she added.

And now, Tina loves leading a simple life at home with husband Erwin Bach.

She shared: "I've done it all. These days, I enjoy going for strolls, reading, chanting, watching movies, cooking healthful meals, and sleeping as late as I wish. That's my guilty pleasure."

(Source: IANS)