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News |  11 Jan 2021 12:30 |  By Namrata Kale

RJs on taking care of their mental health amid pandemic

2020 was a huge blow for the entire mankind, honestly COVID-19 pandemic brought in huge lifestyle changes. While the pandemic still continues to stay in our lives, we have all moved on doing our daily chores. But the only thing that was truly challenging amid all this chaotic process was- taking care of our mental health and doing whatever it takes to make ourselves happier and positive. Same was the situation with the Radio jocks of our country. RJs from BIG FM like Nitin, Abhilash, Rani, Shruti, and Sangram have narrated their experience on how they faced these challenging times and grew beautifully out of it.

Check below.

RJ Nitin (Delhi) -

“I am extremely fond of cooking, and during the onset of the lockdown, with plenty of time at hand, I decided to cook every day! With time I realized everyone in my family is a huge foodie and love to cook as well, thus we started the trend of cooking something special every day that we usually order at restaurants. This family ritual became a fun filled activity for us and we even maintained a cooking diary. From pani puri to exotic pasta and pizza, we cooked everything at home and this was my mental health exercise each day. As said, the way to a person’s heart is through his stomach, well, that's true in my case.”

RJ Abhilash (Mumbai) -

“I was doing my show regularly, which was a big respite and helped me deal with this pandemic. Till now the video content on my platforms largely comprised of content I had collaborated on or was acting in. But during the lockdown I learnt video editing skills and started creating online characters like the drunkard “JD Saab” and a dog pack called “Himanshu and gang” and started doing social commentary through them. I was conceptualising, writing, shooting and editing on my own. To my surprise it was a huge success. A sweet fruit for all the hard work which also helped me stay sane during the lockdown.”

RJ Rani (Mumbai) -

“Anxiety, stress and fear is new normal but we RJs can't afford to overpower our sinking feelings for long. So, apart from a good exercise routine, healthy eating, meditation, and being happy with full family ka pyaar, the one thing which helped me keep me going was connecting with my closest friends. They are important especially when you’re under a lot of stress. A reassuring voice, even for a minute, can put everything in perspective.”

RJ Shruti (Bangalore) - “Have you experienced Ho'oponopono? It's about taking responsibility for every single thing that affects your state of well-being. It is a forgiveness exercise that has kept me going strong. "I'm sorry" "please forgive me" "thank you" "I love you" are profound phrases that make you take notice of your actions and thoughts and clear the negativity in them.”

RJ Sangram (Pune) -

I didn't do anything special during the lockdown but realized that certain things I have been doing for many years paid off in these difficult times. I would read a book a week before the lockdown, while during the lockdown managed to average 2 books a week. That staved off the boredom, loneliness, and malaise that I would otherwise have experienced.