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News |  18 Jan 2021 13:04 |  By RnMTeam

Check Zayn Malik latest album’s song

MUMBAI: Zayn Malik turned 28 this week, but it's his fans who are getting a present.

The former One Direction singer who now goes simply by Zayn dropped his third album, "Nobody Is Listening," Friday. It comes a little more than two years after his last release, "Icarus Falls."
The 11 tracks on Malik's latest album blur the lines between pop and R&B, with a decidedly stripped-down feel. The opening track, "Calamity," for example, is essentially strictly vocals.
If you're a longtime fan, there's going to be a bit of an adjustment here. The lyrics in many cases are more raw than you're used to and you'll hear an f-bomb or two. Malik is coming into his own as an artist. Less sanitized, more real.
Earlier this week, Malik tweeted out a phone number fans could call to hear portions of the new album, which he's described as his "most personal project to date." It's the latest example of artists getting creative to promote their new works during the coronavirus pandemic that's stifled traditional album rollouts.

Fans seem to have liked what they heard. "Zayn Malik creates nothing but masterpieces," one wrote on Twitter. "(N)obody listening is so good thanks for never disappointing me and giving us such a great album," another one said.
Indeed, the album does not disappoint, but there are songs that are better than others. USA TODAY listened to all the tracks on the new album and ranked them from OK to best.

No. 11: 'Better'
Sure, it's the lead single but it's a little too cheesy/obvious.

No. 10: 'When Love's Around'
This one has potential to be a track at dance clubs, although something — not sure what — seems missing.

No. 9: 'Vibez'
A good pop beat here, but the music drowns out the vocals at points.

No. 8: 'Calamity'
Basically spoken words, but a real look inside Malik's head.

No. 7: 'Sweat'
Another one that could easily make it onto radio, but it seems a bit ... mechanical.

No. 6: 'River Road'
A very mellow tune with a heavy message.

No. 5: 'Tightrope'
We've all been on the tightrope, trying to please others. Malik puts it out there in this jam.

No. 4: 'Windowsill'
The track's name seems innocent, but ... yeah ... no. Definitely don't play this one with your kids in the room.

No. 3: 'Unf---witable'
Whoops, one of those f-bombs we mentioned. Malik's message of seeing through who's real and who's fake is extremely relatable, though. Especially during COVID-19, we've found out who our real friends are.

No. 2: 'Connexion'
This one has a bit of a way-back vibe. Clean and simple.

No. 1: 'Outside'
This is easily the most radio-ready track. It screams Top 40.