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News |  22 Feb 2021 12:58 |  By Namrata Kale

Famous YouTuber Aksh Baghla opens up about his music projects, challenges he faced amid the pandemic and much more!

Aksh Baghla, a prominent digital content creator in India’s music scenario, has taken the internet by storm with his unique singing capabilities. This 24-year-old first went viral with the Indian Edition of 1 Guy, 30 Voices where he demonstrated his wide range of voice modulations with an extensive range of pitch to match several legendary artists including Lukas Graham, Sonu Nigam, Adele, Bruno Mars, etc.

Originally from the foothills of Himalayas, Aksh has kept the rawness in his voice intact with a contemporary sense of music, thus, earning himself a wide coverage by youth audience. Thereupon, he has also been a prominent part of YT FanFest Mumbai, 2018 and YT FanFest Delhi, 2019.

Over the years, Aksh has duly earned the image of being the chocolate boy of playback singing thus, gaining himself a huge female fan following base. Having exhibited such an exceptional potential in such a short span of time, Aksh has now become the most sought after singing sensation and is only going forward with his singing pursuits.

To know more about his inclination towards music, we at Radioandmusic got in a candid chat with him. Check below to know more.

Could you tell us more about your recent music project?

I am really vibing with BTS songs nowadays and I recently made a cover mashup of their popular song ‘Dynamite’ with Chunari Chunari which is an old bollywood song. In the video I have also danced in the original choreography of BTS songs Dynamite and Boy with love. The video was an instant hit and has garnered more than 1.8 Million+ views till date.

What message does it give?

Fusion has been my go to genre. The audience since the beginning has poured love to my hindi-English mashups which is influencing my original tracks also. It’s going to be a sweet bilingual love pop ballad talking about love, heartbreak and life.

How was your experience working on it?

Right before the pandemic hit, I was touring different cities/countries to perform live. After the global lockdown, as the world resorted to virtual gigs, I performed at different types of virtual events including one of its kind E-Sangeet too. Currently, we’re set to perform few college fests and private shows. Apart from shows, I have also started working on my original music. Thanks to the stay-at-home phase, helped me find creativity and to rediscover myself as an artist.

Challenges that u faced amid pandemic?

I had recently started doing more shows and i had more than 5 international ones in-line which were all postponed due to the pandemic. On the content creation aspect, I shoot, edit and record all my videos myself so it didn’t affect that. I also had a cook who couldn’t come so I had to clean the house and cook food myself which was both a fun and learning experience.

Upcoming plans and projects?

It’s a long due much awaited single which I have teased numerous times on my Instagram LIVEs and YouTube video. It has a sweet melodic pop vibe to it - the style drawn from my inspirations in the international music world like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes. As I’ve always tried to fuse English and Indian style, this track also will feature a hindi/punjabi section making it a sweet Indo-Pop bilingual song.

Would you be doing more music projects?

Yes, I am very keen on collaborating with more artists from different genres. Previous collaborations I have done include Ananya Birla and Lisa Mishra. Also, I plan to keep creating more content for my YouTube channel apart from the originals that I plan to release on my channel.

With over 2.77M followers and 180 + million views on his YouTube channel, Aksh started out really raw with a mashup video of One Dance/This is What You Came For. He subsequently rocked several stage performances and online videos covering a plethora of genres by collaborating with accomplished singers like Internal artist Lauv, Ananya Birla, Lisa Mishra, and several others.