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News |  08 Mar 2021 18:30 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Women's Day Special: Shilpa Rao on voicing out issues that need attention!

MUMBAI: Shilpa Rao has always been vocal about social issues. She has drawn immense attention of the audience by standing up on what's right! This Women's Day'2021 she decided to do the same.

The "Malang" singer who grew up in a house had a very humanistic approach and centralised treatment towards genders. She and her brother were taught the same values irrespective of their genders. Hence she thought of sharing a few thoughts with us regarding 'gender issues in India'.

“It's about the way you look upto your life. Gender is just one part of your personality or your existence”. It's not everything, you are way beyond your gender title, what actually matters is love and respect for each other as a human being, that makes you a very good human being that's what she focuses on. There are things that need to be bettered in our society, as there is no society that is perfect, there will be issues and we need to work hard to make it better. Standing up for our issues is very important and she knows that probably one might lose things in the immediate present but it will really work out for greater good. “If you see your full life, you will need to stand on things you believe in as a woman for the greater good”, she explained.