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News |  29 Apr 2021 17:57 |  By RnMTeam

Mumbai Police urge residents to jam at Home with music

MUMBAI: Mumbai has been one of the worst affected cities ever since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. The city has been under tremendous pressure during the second wave as well. Mumbai police,who have been on top of their social media game for quite sometime, have yet again impressed netizens with their latest social media post. The team does not leave any opportunity to sensitise people regarding the COVID-19 safety measures. The department has been using memes, stills from popular, movies and shows among other things to make a point. Further, the department has been constantly urging people to get vaccinated, not to step out until necessary andwear a mask.

In their latest post, the police have urged people to stay indoors and entertain themselves with some iconic music from singers like Lady Gaga and popular bands like the BTS and One Direction. The police have also added a quirk element in the graphics. To give it an interesting touch, the police have written one precautionary measure against COVID-19 along with the name of the singer or the band.

This post has been widely appreciated by the audience and have gone viral on social media. Here is a look at some of the reactions:

Apart from this, Mumbai Police have also been acing their reply game for a while now. Recently, when an individual tweeted sayingthat he wants to meet his girlfriend during the lockdown, the police replied with a hilarious remark while reminding him of coronavirus guidelines. In the reply, they mentioned how meeting his girlfriend does not fall under the ‘essential’category.

Further, the police also constantly issue reminders on their social media about how people should not fall for fake home remedies to treat COVID-19. In a post, they had mentioned how it is important to get the right treatment for coronavirus, instead of relying on WhatsApp forwarded home remedies.