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News |  12 May 2022 13:26 |  By Tolika Yeptho

"'Bad Trip' is about the ups and downs of getting over a toxic situation", says Nikitaa

MUMBAI: Independent Singer-songwriter Nikitaa is back with another unique and mystical journey “Bad Trip” (Sitam).

“Bad Trip” is about the ups and downs of getting over a toxic situation - the different phases feeling confident, fierce, sad, heartbroken and victorious all at once. “Our idea for the video was to play up the lyrical content - drawing on the idea of God as a woman, the themes of forgiveness etc. We wanted something that was visually stunning but with this very powerful message. We shot everything in a church, which is a deep place of power and faith - much like your inner self can be. And so, the different moods, looks, vibes showcased the fact that even a place of power and faith can feel dark, scary, fierce, good, painful - all of it”, shared the singer.

Excited about the music video, “Bad Trip is very specifically inspired by one of my exes, but it’s not about him or dedicated to him. It’s about my journey out of the dark space I went into in that relationship”.

The singer is thrilled for this year’s releases! The listeners are to expect a lot of fun, genre-bending multilingual music that only elevates the sound she has been building since the beginning of her career.