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News |  25 Jun 2022 11:08 |  By RnMTeam

Does Listening to Music Improve Academic Performance?

Academic performance can be influenced by various factors. These factors can become a serious drawback or a great booster for a student. We want to be helpful to students and so focus on beneficial methods that help to improve academic performance. One of them is to listen to music.

We have analyzed this issue from different angles and found that Lauren Bradshaw, a professional writer from an academic essay writing service - CustomWritings has researched it too. Her outcomes are also interesting to know. In this article, we are going to spread some light on her insights.

A Stress Relief

The first benefit we want to point out is the possibility to reduce stress, anxiety, and similar mental ailments in people. Many studies and experiments have proved these benefits a long time ago. Music therapy is applied in various clinical cases to treat the most severe mental diseases and deviations. As students have a lot of stress while they learn, this benefit is crucial for them.

Many youngsters cannot cope with mental pressure. It makes their thoughts scattered and blurred. Due to stress, they frequently use the help of essay services because professional academic writers can tackle their hardships instead of them. It is a temporary solution, and you need to learn how to overcome excessive stress. Listening to music is one such solution.

Improves Focus

You may be taken by surprise, by scientists who checked the way music impacts our ability to focus over 200 years ago! A special study took place in the 1800-s. The study proved that listening to music activates special areas in the human cerebrum, which are answerable for the ability to concentrate on something. Thanks to this therapy, people could have a lasting hold on the tasks they did. It means students can improve their ability to focus and thus complete their homework assignments without being disturbed by anyone or anything else.

Helps Only Extraverts

A study that took place in 1997 showed that music is a source of serious distraction for introverts. This study assumed that music affects various types of personalities differently. The results proved this theory. Although extraverts also were destroyed, introverts suffered more by listening to music.

The study showed that introverts had almost lost any ability to focus on what they do. Of course, some rare cases are possible, but the majority of people of this type cannot work properly when they listen to music, even if they like it. Consequently, the type of personality must be obligatorily taken into account. Perhaps you should never listen to music while you are busy with your homework tasks. Otherwise, it will negatively reflect on your academic performance. You may run out of time or make many mistakes due to the lack of attention.

Cures Pain!

According to USA Today, listening to music has a huge potential of curing even physical pain. It impacts special areas in our cerebrum that strengthen our immunity and help to heal injuries. Of course, you cannot count on instant results. Yet, the combination with common treatments may speed up the process of healing.

We all know that sometimes students cannot study well due to some physical traumas. If you have any of them, consider listening to music. Thus, you will recover faster.
Improves Brain Functions

Listening to music develops various brain functions that are crucial for students while they learn. Music impacts special nervous centers that boost our cognition. Among the vital functions for learning are:

. Increased memory capacity;
. An improved ability to focus;
. Increased alertness;
. Clearer thinking, etc.

Mind that it can improve your brain functions only if you like the music you listen to. Otherwise, it will have the opposite effect. The main clue is your mood. If it gets improved thanks to music, your cognition improves as well. Accordingly, your academic performance gets better, and you solve tasks faster and more effectively.

Improves Your Memory

The ability to memorize things is crucial for all students. There are proofs that music can also help to increase your memory. We have already mentioned it above. A study conducted by psychiatrist Cornelius Eckert in 1979 focused on this benefit as well. It proved that the participants who listened to tracks they liked for a long time managed to keep in memory more information than the ones who didn’t listen to music.

The main scholar of the experiment also told a bit about the tracks we cannot get out of our heads. We can bet you faced this phenomenon more than once. A certain song goes on and on for a lot of time. It is a simple proof that our mind is able to memorize the melody, rhythm, and lyrics. Accordingly, we can memorize other things.
Great Music to Improve Academic Performance

We also would like to provide all learners with a video, which contains great music pieces. Why is this list of tracks useful?
It was created by professionals with specialties in psychology. The experts know how music impacts the human brain, and so they understand what tracks are useful for learners. All the tracks are in-house created. This music uses binaural beats and alpha waves. They positively impact our brain and help to improve:

Brain power.

It helps to reduce stress and calm down.  As a result, students are focused on what they do, their thoughts are clear and logical. They are not nervous even if they prepare for such serious challenges as exams. The team of professionals is called RelaxingRecords. It creates various kinds of music for various purposes. Thus, you may also find tracks that were created for meditation, relaxation, healing, and so on.

According to YouTube Analytics, the tracks presented in this video are the top-10 study music tracks among students right now. They have soothing and relaxing effects. These tracks boost concentration, focus, memory, thinking, and so on.

As you can see, listening to music is a very effective method to elevate your academic performance. To enjoy all its benefits, be sure you listen to the music you really like, and your personality type is suitable for it.