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News |  17 Aug 2022 14:44 |  By RnMTeam

Gulzar: “I am very happy to give my poems to Kulturemint for turning them into NFTs”


MUMBAI: Legendary poet Gulzar Sahab has collaborated with Kulturemint to create NFTs of his timeless poems. A landmark collaboration in the NFT space, it marks the first time a poet of his caliber has created digital tokens of his work. These tokens are going to be available for sale on Speaking on the partnership, Gulzar Sahab said, “I am very happy to give my poems to Kulturemint for turning them into NFTs.” Some of his best pieces like Samandar, Lal Haveli, Baarish and One-Sided Love are going to be digitally immortalized as part of this collaboration.

Kulturemint is a brand new curated NFT marketplace for all things art and culture. It is the collective brainchild of Govind Singh Sandhu, the founder and COO of AntWorks; Archana Trasy, the founder and CEO of Work That Works and Gautam B Thakker, the founder and CEO of Everymedia Technologies. Driven by a passion for innovation, Kulturemint is centered around demystifying NFTs to the average person. Its transparency and ease of use is set to close the gap between the artist and the consumer.

Speaking about the launch, Govind Singh Sandhu said, “Ever since the idea of Kulturemint was conceived, it has been a platform that sought to bring artists closer to their fans and now that we are finally live, we cannot wait to deliver.” Speaking about the same, Gautam B Thakker added, “The opportunity to associate with like-minded people only emboldens my confidence that Kulturemint will pave the way in making the untapped NFT sector a more transparent and accessible one." From this, it is evident that the objective of Kulturemint is to empower people to take their first steps into the NFT space by making the process smooth and transparent. Archana Trasy had the final word saying, “It is a privilege to launch our platform in collaboration with one of the greatest creative minds the country has ever seen.”

With the rise in popularity of NFT Marketplaces over the past couple of years, it is clear that the future is one where the demand for traditional markets diminish as the accessibility and ease of NFT marketplaces surge. With an objective in line with exactly that, Kulturemint seems like just the right platform for the job.