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News |  15 Sep 2022 17:47 |  By RnMTeam

Music director Amaal Mallik remixes Nikitaa's most loved song 'Bad Trip (Sitam)'

MUMBAI: Multi-Award-winning Indian Music Producer Amaal Mallik remixes Indie Artist Nikitaa's song 'Bad Trip (Sitam)'. The two musicians who have collaborated in the past for a Hindi single titled 'Zindagi Hai Abhi' are back with a Lo-Fi remix music video. Amaal Mallik elevates the song with his magic touch adding beautiful synths and samples supported by cleverly sprinkled live bass and guitars. This Lo-Fi version will definitely win hearts.

Originally, the song alternates from pop elements with crafty lyrics that convey understanding and growing apart from an alarming person. Driven by the dreamy rhythmic bass line, the song is filled with moody and vibrant synths, woodwinds and Middle Eastern-inspired strings along with percussion ranging from the djembe to Middle Eastern to Indian percussions.

Talking about what intrigued Amaal Mallik to work on this song, he shares, "What completely blew me about Bad Trip was its songwriting and the thought process that Nikitaa had to write a song about a Bad Trip and speak about the feelings in her heart and to put something which defines the world today, where sometimes wonderful girls come across men who believe themselves to be more than a man. Maybe someone on the level of a God. The way it's described in the song is beautiful. It was an amazing feeling to hear someone that I've seen grow as an artist right in front of me, put out new music that is so wonderful and so new-age. We previously worked on Zindagi Abhi, and it was one of the first times we collaborated. This time I messaged her, saying that I really love this song of yours and I would like to do a remix for it. She thought I was kidding, but I was very very sure that I wanted to bring my world to this beautiful song. She's a singer that has a lot of prowess and she's someone who's confident, which is extremely important for any artist. She speaks her heart and she has a distinct voice, I must say, because when I listen to the songs that are sung by her, I don't really get confused as to who the artist is, I can easily pick out and say that it's Nikitaa singing there. That's a very important and unique quality to have. I'm so happy that I can do this and work with younger talent from this country and put out some love and support from me to these wonderfully talented artists. I think Nikitaa is one of the really talented and futuristic artists who I think has a beautiful journey coming up for her. So I wish her well and I hope people love this remix I've done for Bad Trip."

Talking about the release, Nikitaa says, "Amaal was intrigued and interested in this song, and we decided that him working on a Lofi remix would be a wonderful idea. I feel like the remix elevates the song to a level of ethereal previously unheard from me in my work. Amaal is just as meticulous if not more than I am, I knew the minute we decided to do this that he would create magic and that’s exactly what he did! This is my second time collaborating with him musically and I feel like I always learn so much from his passionate and keen approach."

LA/Mumbai-based musician Nikitaa, has dabbled in many genres and languages. A Singer, Songwriter, Director and Producer, Nikitaa is a true-blue Indie breakout star. She combines ethereal Pop/RnB with a subtle nod to the South-Asian soundscape to bring a new genre she calls 'Goddess Pop'.

With songs and albums including ‘Majesty’, ‘Universe’, 'Clutch', 'High Priestess' and the recent ‘Zindagi Hai Abhi’, the Indie singer-songwriter has enchanted her listeners.