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News |  13 Dec 2022 18:57 |  By RnMTeam

Shah Rule and Jai Dhir create "Tension" with their new track

MUMBAI: This Punjabi and English earworm hits the right spot to be the grooviest heartache anthem


Release Date: 13/12/2022

Label: Gully Gang / Mass Appeal India 

Genre: Pop/Rap

Language: English, Punjabi

Primary artists: Shah Rule, Jai Dhir

Produced by: Abhijay Sharma

Indian rapper Shah Rule and Delhi-based singer-songwriter Jai Dhir have released their new song titled “Tension”. The song addresses the strain that arises between lovers over time in a relationship which at times ends up in a Cold War situation. The Punjabi and English collaboration sonically draws from the eclectic drum rhythms of the South African Amapiano genre, fused with classical Indian sitars.

Tension’s eerie synth melodies and its Afro-Pop influenced grooves represent the endless dance between two lovers to passionately convey one’s desire to repair things through its lyrics. Midway through the song, an English verse by Shah rule comes through followed by a Punjabi verse by Jai towards the end of the song, stringed by the catchy chorus of the song.

Sharing his thoughts on the new track, Shah Rule says, “A recent trip to Portugal led me to being super inspired by the Afro beats which got me inclined to infuse the sound within my music. I wanted to pay homage to the amapiano sound from South Africa and that’s how the foundation of the track was laid. ‘Tension’ is a track that came from incorporating that rhythm and drum beat. The topic of the track is something close to my heart and in many ways my

music has become a personal diary which the world has access to. I definitely feel this song will be found super relatable as all relationships of great lengths go through rough patches and periods of strain, which turn into tension.”

Jai Dhir continues, “I met Shah Rule post one of his shows in Delhi and we decided to randomly sit for a jam session in the hotel room. Next thing we know is we had a song, written and recorded in less than two hours! This song has a fresh and unique beat to it, something I am excited to have worked on and I’m really looking forward to people grooving to this track.”

The song has been released across leading streaming platforms along with a music video featuring both Jai Dhir and Shah Rule that will be released on the latter’s official YouTube channel.