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News |  30 Jan 2023 11:30 |  By RnMTeam

Colors Infinity is bringing an enticing story of medical professionals and their lives through New Amsterdam: Here are the moments you should look out for!

MUMBAI: Based on the book Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospitalby Eric Manheimer, New Amsterdam is a medical drama series focused on the journey of the director of America’s oldest public hospital, Dr.Max Goodwin. The story revolves around how he dealt with difficult situations and dedicatedly worked toward treating the patients in the infirmary. It also highlights the romance between Dr. Godwin and his counterpart, Dr Helen Sharpe. Lovingly called SharpWin by their fans, they are an inspiration to many. Watch this enticing show, New Amsterdam, on Colors Infinity, January 26 onward, Monday to Friday at 7 pm.
Here’s a low-down on some of the most awe-inspiring SharpWinmoments that put the spotlight on New Amsterdam and why it’s a must-watch!
The First Meeting!
The first encounter between Max and Helen was unexpected and out of the blue. It was when Helen was occupied with tons of media appearances that she got an invitation from Dr. Godwin to join the hospital and focus on her work. She thanked him and assured him that focusing on her work is exactly what she wanted as well. Max was impressed by this move of hers and wished to have her at the hospital.
Helen At Max’s Place!
One of the episodes shows Max stepping out on calls for the day and Helen taking charge.  She deals with all the issues of the day - solving problems, making big moves, and skirting the rules to get things done. It is during this time she realises the amount of effort Max has to take on a daily basis. She thanks him for all the things he does in the hospital and for taking care of the patients so well.
The Friendzone!
An episode of the series shows Helen and Max on the terrace, talking about sweet nothings. It’s during this conversation when they both look into each other’s eyes and feel something. The feeling is undeniable and very evident. In fact, it is so evident that the look when they gaze into each other’s eyes, it feels like the world has come to a stop, only for them to share a kiss. However, that kiss never comes. Helen decides to have Max around, but only as a friend and nothing more. Who knew this one opportunity missed by the cupid would be the start of something so beautifully unusual?
A Blissful Date
With time, Helen and Max develop a bond and start dating each other. One fine night, they both are shown wandering on the streets, celebrating their love and affection for each other after a great date. They walk with their arms in each other’s, hugging and stealing pecks ever so often; just being themselves. This one scene was indeed pure bliss for everyone who loves their chemistry and bond.
Some sacrifices!
Given her high-flying aspirations, Helen was destined to leave the city and move to another place in order to chase her dream life. Max, gets disheartened with this turn of events and wants to stop her from leaving. In order to do so, he thinks of something that was beyond imagination! Watch the entire season of New Amsterdam and find out what Max does to deal with this situation and how he manages his work and love life together. 
Tune into Colors Infinity every Monday to Friday, at 7 pm onward, starting January 26, to watch the heartfelt tale of SharpWin!