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News |  01 Feb 2023 17:00 |  By RnMTeam

Women should support other women across industries - Shruti Haasan

MUMBAI: Multidisciplinary artist Shruti Haasan recently attended IIT Bombay’s E-Summit 2023 along with media strategist and entertainment lawyer Priyanka Khimani. The duo spoke extensively about their investment strategies and gave the students an insight into what factors they keep in mind while making business decisions and/or signing new deals. While everyone is aware of Shruti’s work as an actress and a singer, very few know about her investments in various ventures and her astute business acumen.

This wasn’t always the case though, Shruti was quick to point out, " I believe it’s very important to equip yourself with the correct advice because one can’t know everything and it’s completely fine. For instance, with equity.

Answering similar kind of question at the summit, Shruti said "I have taken advise from the financial advisers and people like Priyanka and it's okay not to be an expert and it's really been important to then equiped yourselves with right advice. So I think what I learnt specially working with Priyanka. For example with equity, I learned that its not just lending your face to a brand, it’s about knowing the small details in terms of paperwork, in terms of verbiage because eventually that is what summarises your brand. It made me look at myself in a more comprehensive n elaborate way.”

Shruti also spoke about BLCK, her venture with artist Santanu Hazarika. Speaking about this, the actress added, “BLCK is a concept that is extremely close to both Santanu and me. It is an all inclusive space for artists where there is room for one and all. BLCK encourages creativity, art and new thought and aims at providing a platform of sorts for all artists. Our endeavour is to help, advise and guide artists in terms of contracts, negotiations and basically help them know their product and their creativity.”she said.

Elaborating further on BLCK, Shruti added, “People like Santanu have figured out the path themselves in the art space and have climbed that mountain. I too, in many ways have and hence we want to create that energy and synergy celebrating that sub culture. Its about not getting scared of terms like selling out and actually creating a river and stream of financial independence that actually works and is fun for us and for those who are listening and watching us.” she concluded.