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News |  09 Feb 2023 20:25 |  By RnMTeam

Gair Kanooni & J Block Tracks Featured on Netflix Series 'CLASS' Soundtrack

MUMBAI: The underground hip-hop scene in Delhi is experiencing a major resurgence, thanks to the emergence of exciting new acts like Gair Kanooni and J Block. These artists are pushing the boundaries of the genre and creating a buzz in the music community.

One of the biggest factors contributing to this resurgence is the recent release of the Netflix original series ‘Class’, which is the Indian adaptation of the Netflix series Elite and shines a spotlight on the underground hip-hop scene in the capital city. The show has not only brought attention to the talented artists in the scene, but it has also helped to break down barriers and give these musicians the recognition they deserve.

Gair Kanooni and J Block are two of the most exciting new acts to come out of the Delhi hip-hop scene in recent years. Both artists are known for their unique styles and powerful lyrics that speak to the struggles and triumphs of everyday life in the city. They are quickly gaining a loyal following among music fans, and are poised to make a big impact on the national music scene.

Gair Kanooni is a 4 piece alternative rap collective consisting of Sammad, 3BHK, Quest & Tarun, with Gair Kanooni’s 7 tracks getting synced in a Netflix series its a big win for the budding hip hop scene, they include tracks such as ‘All Nighter (which is played in the official trailer), Ohho, from their debut project ‘Aaj Raat Ki Peshkash’, the craziest fun fact is that 2 of these tracks were recorded on a phone mic in pandemic due to difficulty in recording on a studio mic. Along with them Ghanti, & Abrakadabra, Not Now from Sammad’s underground hit project ‘Saste Nashe’ and 3BHK’s I don't Sleep ft. Ezzyland and SoundCloud classic ‘Big Elephant’.

Gair Kanooni have landed their first sync that too being Netflix is a big deal for the Delhi Scene and Indian Hip Hop Scene at large, Gair Kanooni is currently working on their follow up project to the Debut Album Gadbad and Quest’s Solo Debut titled ‘Dushman’.

J Block, a collective of 13 talented artists from diverse backgrounds and regions, was founded in the middle of 2021. They have been making waves in the independent hip-hop scene in New Delhi with their unique melodies and relatable stories. With their innovative approach to hip-hop, J Block has disrupted the status quo and carved out a lane for themselves in the industry. Their most recent accomplishment, the placement of Faizan's track "Keh Dena" in the upcoming Netflix series "Class," produced alongside Natiq, is a testament to their growing impact on a larger scale. The collective has also organized their own show, "Chidiyaghar," further establishing their presence in the music scene. As they prepare to release their sophomore mixtape "Love Marriage Haldi Bangers," J Block is poised to leave a lasting legacy in the world of music

If you're a fan of hip-hop or just looking for something new and exciting to watch, be sure to check out "Class" on Netflix and keep an eye out for Gair Kanooni and J Block, two of the most promising new acts in the Delhi hip-hop scene.