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News |  09 Feb 2023 14:34 |  By RnMTeam

YOGIRAJ SARKAR GODARIWALE TRUST collaborates with hospital Artemis

MUMBAI: The YOGIRAJ SARKAR GODARIWALE TRUST, while reviving lives and making them count, successfully sponsored three Paediatric cardiac surgeries for the needy and underprivileged in association with the hospital Artemis in Gurgaon in the last six months.

The YOGIRAJ SARKAR GODARIWALE TRUST was established in 2008 to disseminate the message of establishing enduring love with the Divine and to experience the uplifting energies present in the Holy place. The Trust has been supervising the construction of the Holy Shrine of the Saint, which spans 73 acres in Hathras, India for the disciples to yearn for the perpetual exuberance of spirituality, free of wistfulness and deprivations. The Holy Shrine's holistic design will be completed soon, inspiring the admirers to glorify the verdure of sanctity and be enveloped in positive vibrations while experiencing Divine esthesia.

Artemis hospital, state-of-the-art multispecialty hospital located in Gurgaon, India has been designed as one of India's most cutting-edge medical solution, Artemis provides a diverse array of sophisticated medical and surgical techniques, as well as a full range of inpatient and outpatient services. In order to raise the bar for medical care, Artemis has placed snipping technology in the hands of eminent medical professionals from around the nation and internationally. For the staff of numerous companies, Artemis Hospitals is the go-to medical facility. For the benefit of the workers' and their families' health, Artemis Hospitals actively collaborates with numerous corporations by being appointed as their preferred healthcare provider.

The YOGIRAJ SARKAR GODARIWALE TRUST, with its increased commitment to provide aid and social welfare while recognizing the value of every life, collaborated with hospital Artemis. Furthermore, the trust works philanthropically to advance compassion among people and for the development of society. The Trust follows the altruistic route in an effort to radically alter how society views itself. Over and above that, the young volunteers of the trust encompasses professionals , businessman and students . They have dedicated their resources and time out of frenetic cadence of modern life to work for social cause and bring smile on innocent faces who may be underprivileged but deserve to live with dignity . Adding to their feverishness, they mentioned that with their passion for promoting human wellbeing and improving society, this collaboration will give them a stimulation to assist the needy population of India in terms of health and other medical facilities.

With this prominent attainment, The YOGIRAJ SARKAR GODARIWALE TRUST marks yet another milestone in their journey of welfare work and their unblended thoughts towards the amelioration of deprived and distressed.