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News |  27 Feb 2023 13:44 |  By RnMTeam

Independent artists Prakriti Kakar and Rishabh Kant AKA The Rish release a new single 'Dooriyan'

MUMBAI: It is quite evident that love is one of the strongest emotions felt by humans. While we still come out of Valentine's phase, it's not possible for everyone to have a happy ending as there are many circumstances that can come in the way. Independent artist Rishabh Kant AKA The Rish releases a new single which encapsulates the angst of distances between two lovers. Through words like 'This distance hurts more than thorns', Dooriyan is one song that could rekindle the love you once shared with your distanced lover. What makes this musical saga more delightful is that it also features Artist Prakriti Kakar.

When asked The Rish about the true emotion behind this song, he acclaimed "Distances are not always physical. Sometimes, there is a distance between two hearts that want to find their way to each other, but cannot. A love that wants to have a happy ending, but cannot. Two broken hearts that want to become one, but cannot." It could be easily said this love tune, with an RnB-influenced groove and lush guitars encapsulates the angst of distances between two lovers. The vocal performances show the uneasiness and dread in 'Him' and the hopefulness of being together someday in 'Her'. 'Dooriyan’ has a modern sonic, with the age-old hope of: ‘let’s mend it, not end it.’