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News |  29 Mar 2023 13:30 |  By RnMTeam

Neela’s new single “You’ll Never Know” is an elegant soft R&B ballad

MUMBAI: Vintage vision that includes an intro with an electric guitar lick that grows into the song with a nostalgic production that feels like a grainy Instagram filter, Neela’s new release is a masterpiece. The attention that follows in the song is worth the work and efforts that she’s put in the music. It’s an immersion into Neela’s kaleidoscope vision.

Indo-Canadian artist Neela, is rising to become an original singer-songwriter. Drawing from her North Indian roots, musical studies in Lucknow School of Music and jazz upbringing her unique soulful voice has been compared to the likes of Snoh Alegra and Etta James. Her wide range, and smooth yet sultry vocal quality allows for versatility in styles ranging from R&B, Soul, Pop, Folk, and EDM. Born to an East-Indian family, breaking out of traditional expectations and pursuing a career as an artist held challenges of its own.

“You’ll Never Know” is her latest record, with an intro that surely catches your attention, a velvety tune wrapping tight along with the instrumentation, baseline turned right up, snare drums that hit just perfect and Neela’s vocal lines that would make any heart flutter. The song showcases her sensibility and creativity as an artist. There’s a dusky sound of lounge R&B. It boasts the sleek aura of Neela with each twist and turns, a dimly lit ballad. Hey voice is warm and glossy the highlight of the complete ensemble that sends the song skywards. Her ingenuity that would appeal to anyone who might come across her music.

Neela said, “You’ll Never Know’ is about empowerment and expressing anger and frustration with injustice”. The music complements the lyrics as she glides on smoothly singing and living each word. Neela has tried to explore the other side of this pain; resentment, strength to move forward despite the hurt, and acceptance. These are just some of the complex emotions that she’s expressed in this single.
Neela is bringing her truth and vulnerability, qualities that once made her feel like an outsider, in her music and songwriting to create original and honest material. With a background in theater and dance, she brings an electric energy to her performances, the stage being one of the places where she feels most comfortable.

“You’ll Never Know” is a single surging with emotions as Neela sings with a sense of unutterable feelings. It’s an intimate song that she’s made with soothing melodies, distant guitars and spacious piano chords. You can almost picture her in the rain singing, slowly walking as memories walk in.
She’s etched out a proper masterpiece that includes all her feelings and emotions.

Listen to the song :