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News |  10 May 2023 18:33 |  By RnMTeam

"He is continuously looking for a solution, like he wants to be happy, encouraging, energetic, and ambitious," says actor Vaarun Bhagat for actor Ashish Vidyarthi on recalling his "Aar Ya Paar" Days in Azebaijan

MUMBAI: The picturesque landscapes of Azerbaijan served as the perfect backdrop for actors Vaarun Bhagat and Ashish Vidyarthi to unwind and enjoy a delightful coffee break during the shooting of their popular series, "Aar Ya Paar." The talented duo, known for their remarkable performances, took a moment away from their hectic schedules to relax, bond, and capture a fun-filled video that they shared with their fans on social media. Their camaraderie and infectious energy showcased the lighter side of their personalities, leaving fans excited and eager to know more about their offscreen bond.

The on-screen father-son duo, Vaarun Bhagat and Ashish Vidyarthi, decided to take a break from their busy filming schedule and indulge in a cup of steaming hot coffee. They recorded a fun-filled video, capturing their laughter, playful banter, and a fun new way of drinking coffee with jaggery. Their contagious energy and genuine bond resonated with their followers, who eagerly awaited a glimpse into their off-screen rapport after watching the show.

Talking about their interaction, Vaarun says, "During the shoot, he later told me, 'Let's plan a day tomorrow.'" I had no clue that it would be such a pleasant experience. And he's a guy with a lot of energy and positivity. He is continuously looking for a solution, like he wants to be happy, encouraging, energetic, and ambitious. And it was such a lovely day that day. We went, and I was actually more nervous being on his camera than being on the real camera because you'll be having this conversation with him, and then you'll see you're being filmed, and his look won't change. That was really cool. And, of course, we ate a lot. We drank quite a bit of coffee and we did a lot of walking."

He continues, "It was really weird because I was scared that a huge piece of jaggery would get stuck in my throat." and I didn't even say anything. It was so difficult to do that. But I did it, and it was fun. It was a lot of fun."

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As the video made its way to various social media platforms, fans of both Vaarun Bhagat and Ashish Vidyarthi were quick to react. Social media timelines were flooded with enthusiastic comments, emojis, and shares, as fans expressed their delight in witnessing the fun-loving side of their favorite actors. The video became an instant hit, garnering thousands of views within hours and generating buzz.