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News |  05 Aug 2023 13:48 |  By RnMTeam

Post Event Release: Launch of Neil Nitin Mukesh, Adhyayan Suman & Shreya Sharma's song "Tu Meri Aashiqui"

MUMBAI : After the release of the teaser which garnered millions of views within hours of its debut, the excitement surrounding the official launch of the song had reached an all-time high. Now that the song is live, fans and critics alike have praised the captivating storyline and the exceptional performances of the cast, elevating expectations for the song to new heights.

“Tu Meri Aashiqui” weaves a mesmerizing tale of love, betrayal, and redemption, expertly brought to life by the stellar ensemble cast, whose chemistry on screen has left audiences yearning for more. The enchanting melody, heartfelt lyrics, and soulful vocals have undoubtedly struck a chord with music enthusiasts and left them entwined in the magic of the story.
Featuring a talented bunch of actors Neil Nitin Mukesh and Shreya Sharma in Ankit Tiwari’s mesmerising voice and Rashid Khan’s enchanting music and lyrics this spellbinding musical masterpiece directed by Adhayan Suman promises to be a game-changer in the world of music and entertainment.
Neil Nitin Mukesh says “Born in the “Mukesh” Family and coming from a legacy of singers, music has always been of great importance to me and my films. So when I decided to debut as an actor for my first ever Music video it had to be something so powerful that stays with us forever. “Tu  Meri Aashiqui” is one song that I can guarantee will be a clutter breaker.  It will be loved by all music lovers, across all genres, all over the world. It has great music that boasts a strong melody and a haunting theme that instantly sits on your lips. The track is a first-of-its-kind three-part story music video directed by the brilliant Adhayayan Suman. It has been an honor working with a man of his talent. Being an accomplished actor himself, Adhyayan is also very technically sound. This marvelous quality of his has made our job as actors on his set so much easier. I am extremely excited about my co-star Shreya Sharma. Since this is her first outing as a main lead actor, I’m sure that like me the audience will be bowled over by her charisma, beauty and power-packed performance. I’m forever grateful to Mr.Amar Jhunjhunwala ji and Shikha Ahluwalia Ji of “Music Garage” to have thought me worthy enough to shoulder their dream of “Tu Meri Aashiqui“. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of their prestigious company. Remember. This is Just The Beginning”
Shreya Sharma says “Ever since I gained consciousness about what I want to be I’ve always wanted to be a girl in front of the camera, coming from a doctor's background, it was a far-fetched dream for me, but as soon as I heard this song it was a dream come true for me. I sat with my brilliant director Adhyayan sir who prepped me and guided me throughout. He is a visionary and has so much knowledge of filmmaking that he kept on teaching me small things on set too. He worked on my look and backstory, I was nervous but I knew since he is there to guide me I will give my level best.  As soon as I got to know that Neil sir is acting beside me I felt I couldn’t have gotten a better debut as he has been so patient and has taught me so many things while shooting. I’m impressed by the humbleness he comes with and he is looking absolutely dashing. I know the audience will be moved by his performance as we all have some long-lost parts in our hearts which will awaken after this song. I thank my producer Shikha Ma’am for believing in me and teaching me like a child about all aspects.  Tu Meri Aashiqui is not only my debut music video but a beautiful journey of my life in which I ended up making a beautiful family in my initial time in Mumbai. I hope that the audience acknowledges our beautiful story and gives us the love that we felt during shooting, as this is a once-in-a-lifetime love story"
Adhayan Suman says “First and foremost I would like to thank Shikha and Music Garage for giving me this opportunity and always backing me like no other! It has been a privilege for me to direct Neil! So humble, so grounded soo good with his art! I kid you, not everyone believes Neil looked his best and I just can’t wait for the audience to witness the first chapter! Shreya has been one of the most hard-working debutants I have ever met! Extremely serious and crazy about her art! The ability to listen and absorb is what I love about her! No one would say this is her first! This of course wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing team, my DOP, my Editor, and My chief everyone has been outstanding !! Thank you. All!!" 
Ankit Tiwari, who has lent his melodious vocals to the track says  “Today, I am thrilled to share my heart and soul through this romantic song. It's a piece of me, woven with love and passion. I hope it touches your soul just as it did mine while singing it” he further adds “I would like to thank Neil Nitin Mukesh, his talent knows no boundaries. Adhayan Suman who knows and understands the pulse of the audience. Shreya Sharma who is outstandingly talented and Rashid Khan, the music maverick who has created magic with his composition and lyrics”
Rashid Khan who has given the music of the track and penned the lyrics says “As a music composer and lyricist, Tu Meri Aashiqui holds a special place in my heart. I poured my emotions into every note and word, hoping it will resonate with each listener, evoking the beauty of love in its purest form. Enjoy the journey this song takes you on” further adding “I would like to thank Adhayan Suman for his opportunity, his direction skills have introduced everyone to a new masterpiece. Neil Nitin Mukesh, is a hub of talent, his understanding and presence of camera is just impeccable. Shreya Sharma’s beauty and talent has elevated the song and Ankit Tiwari mesmerising voice simply touches the soul”
Producers A Jhujhunwala and S K Ahluwalia says “As a music producers, we are thrilled to present this enchanting and heartfelt song to the world. Collaborating with talented artists to create this romantic masterpiece was an incredible experience. We hope that it becomes the soundtrack to unforgettable moments and ignites the flames of love in the hearts of those who listen."