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News |  07 Aug 2023 10:25 |  By RnMTeam

Paris Hilton-collaborators Electric Polar Bears announce new EP with self-titled single

MUMBAI : Electronic music duo Electric Polar Bears are taking their artistic ventures to new heights, while paying homage to their artistic journey thus far.

Since releasing their first music in 2021, and playing their first show at Groove Cruise in 2017, the mythology behind Electric Polar Bears has translated to real-world achievements and a renowned reputation. With claims of an Antarctic lab headquarters where they concoct perfect party-throwing strategies, the duo (who go under the names Zero and Snowball) have made name for themselves with stand-out shows that combine 3000 LED heads, powerful confetti cannons, dazzling lasers, frost machines, and a dedicated penguin parade backdropped by bouncy house beats.

Their infectious sound and magnetic performance style have led to collaborations with producers and vocalists such as Paris Hilton, Nitti Gritti, and TyDi; support from industry tastemakers like Afrojack, Alison Wonderland, Deorro, and Illenium; performances at festivals around the world including Decadence Arizona, Water Castle Carnival, and Global Dance Festival; and a showcase at Paris Hilton’s Neon Wedding.

Now, fresh off the release of their debut album You Never Know, the polar bear-headed duo are revving towards their next EP, Where We Started. The 3-track package sees the pair expanding their purview, both musically and philosophically, without forgoing their signature, party-starting antics and creative sensibilities. For these upcoming tracks, Zero and Snowball rekindled their love for vintage synthesizers and drum machines while fully embracing modern digital softwares - resulting in a sleek stylistic blend defined by classic house and music aesthetics filtered through a futuristic presentation.

However, the duo’s artistic evolution stems beyond their musical tools. While on tour in 2022, the Electric Polar Bears discovered a newfound appreciation for the dance music community. Through meeting all kinds of different people in cities across the country, the duo began to understand the potential they had to foster deep, personal connections with fans, which inspired a retro-futuristic sound that harkens back to vintage dance music culture while paving a path forward for something new.
Today, Electric Polar Bears unveil the EP’s self-titled track, “Where We Started,” a throwback cut that combines vintage, nostalgic sound design with sparkling, shimmering production that feels strikingly digital. Overall, the single embodies the Electric Polar Bears’ core mission: to make a genuine connection with their audience through irresistible, joyful beats that keep the dancefloor grooving.

“Where We Started” kicks off with crisp hi-hat rhythms and an uplifting, euphoric melody accompanied by a thumping bassline. The song then introduces a looping vocal sample seranding, “Back to where we started/show me where you’ve been,” before dropping into a groovy, head-spinning beat that transports listeners to the inception of Electric Polar Bears’ musical journey. The record then continues with a hyperactive, high-pitched synth lead, which contributes to the track’s playful, futuristic vibe and solidifies it as a certified summertime banger.

Fans can hear “Where We Started” when Electric Polar Bears take the stage at PB Avenue on Sunday, August 6.

Beyond packing out dance floors, Electric Polar Bears are dedicated to philanthropic endeavors and leveraging their platform to make a positive impact on the world. For their most recent charitable act, the duo have announced they will be donating 10 percent of their streaming revenue for the remainder of 2023 to’s Antarctica marine protection initiative - an initiative to protect vital Antarctic ecosystems and deliver the largest act of ocean protection in history.