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News |  24 Aug 2023 15:09 |  By RnMTeam

Bhaktaaa and ReVo LEKHAK join forces to release new song ‘Teacher Track’

MUMBAI :In their highly anticipated collaboration titled "Teacher Track," Bhaktaaa and ReVo LEKHAK join forces over the pulsating beats of Eyepatch to deliver a hard-hitting message to their fellow rappers. Set against a backdrop of a banger old school beat, the duo's verses are a fierce declaration that demands respect and authenticity in the rap game.

The track opens with Eyepatch's unmistakable production, a seamless fusion of nostalgic hip-hop vibes and modern energy. The beat sets the tone for Bhaktaaa and ReVo LEKHAK to take the stage with unapologetic authority. As the verses kick in, Bhaktaaa's distinctive flow and ReVo LEKHAK's razor-sharp delivery intertwine, painting a picture of seasoned lyricists who are unafraid to speak their minds.

Bhaktaaa's verse starts off with an introspective reflection on the challenges they've faced and conquered throughout their career. The words flow like a manifesto, highlighting their journey from underdog to a respected figure in the rap community. They emphasize the importance of self-worth.

ReVo LEKHAK takes the baton from Bhaktaaa, launching into a dynamic verse that serves as a direct call-out to those who undermine the artistry of others. With metaphors and wordplay that cut like a knife, ReVo LEKHAK's verse serves as a potent reminder that they are no pushovers.They assert that they have earned their place through sweat, dedication, and raw talent, and they are prepared to defend it fiercely.

The collaboration showcases not only their lyrical prowess but also their chemistry as artists who share a common vision. The back-and-forth dynamic between Bhaktaaa and ReVo LEKHAK creates an engaging narrative that demands attention and commands respect.

"Teacher Track" is an anthem for all those who have fought to make their mark, sending a powerful message to fellow rappers: acknowledge the hard work and dedication of your peers, or be prepared to face the consequences. With Eyepatch's masterful production as the backbone, Bhaktaaa and ReVo LEKHAK's verses ignite the track, leaving listeners with an unforgettable declaration of their unwavering commitment to their craft and their community.


A veteran of Desi hip-hop in his own right, Bhaktaaa has seen the working of the industry for over three years and has been a student of the genre for even longer. Releasing his first track Neend Nahi Aati in 2020, he’s paved his career in hip-hop further by releasing the effortlessly flowing Jujitsu produced by Hisaab and Majaal, a lofi inspired track.

While he worked in the hip-hop industry as a celebrated photographer, he forged connections with established and emerging artists, finding mentors, collaborators and community along the way. His debut album Kaan Ke Neeche is an answer to desi hip-hop falling into the clutches of trends and monotonous sounds.

Born in Srinagar, Garhwal, Akshat Ghildiyal aka ReVo LEKHAK is connected to his roots from the very beginning which can be witnessed in his records like "GHATI GXNG" , “BANNED” , “BHAGWAAN KASAM”.ReVo is a 20 year old Dehradun based Rapper, Record Producer, Lyricist. He started writing from the age of 13. Being a part of the Music Collective "The Shastras Music" since 2018, ReVo has always been a enthusiast of trying new things and experimenting with his music and adding new and creative skills to his art.

Ainesh Dhawan, professionally known as Eyepatch, is a music producer/beat-maker based in India.

His ability to seamlessly navigate and excel across an array of diverse musical genres and styles sets him apart as a multifaceted artist. Driven by a relentless passion for his craft, he is committed to honing his skills and evolving his sound.

His roster of collaborations include esteemed names like Sez On The Beat, Abhijay Sharma and Bombay Lokal among many others. In addition to production, Eyepatch has actively engaged in engineering for renowned labels, including Universal Music Group, Mass Appeal India and Azadi Records.