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How To Choose The Best Wireless Earbuds For You?

We use earphones or earbuds in a variety of situations: for working in the office, working out, listening to music and radio, playing video games, or gambling blackjack game online. A pair of headphones has become a must-have device, and it is hard to imagine our life without it. However, with a wide range of different headphones and earbuds available in today's market, it is not easy to determine the best fit. Wireless earbuds are completely cord-free, and it makes them very practical. Here is a detailed guide on how to choose the right wireless earbuds and get the best value for your money.
Which type of wireless earbuds do you need?
There are two main types of wireless earbuds: truly wireless earbuds and neckband wireless earbuds. You don’t need a cable connection with the source device for both of them, but true wireless earbuds aren’t connected to each other. True wireless earbuds are very practical because of the complete lack of cables and wires, but they tend to pop out and fall on the floor more often than the neckband wireless ones. Therefore, if you are looking for sports earbuds, purchase the neckband wireless ones.
Check out the battery life of earbuds
Battery life is one of the most important features to look at when choosing wireless earbuds. For how long are you planning to use your earbuds daily? Do you travel a lot? If you consider using your earbuds regularly, it is better to choose earbuds with at least 5 hours of battery life without the case and 25-30 hours with the case.
Find out which earbud tips are perfect for your ears
Speaking of good earbuds, comfort is everything. That’s why finding earbuds to lie comfortably in your ears is so important. They have to adjust with the form of your ear canal optimally, don’t pop out occasionally, fit your ears securely, and don’t be too weighty. If you plan to wear earbuds when jogging, consider purchasing earbuds with silicon ear tips (they don’t absorb sweat). Rubber tips are generally more comfortable to use than plastic tips. To find out which tips provide your ears the most comfortable feeling, try differently sized tips made of different materials in each ear.
Look for earbuds with excellent sound quality
To judge the sound quality of earbuds, check out frequency response, driver size, and noise isolation in the product description. Frequency response is a range of sound wave frequencies the earbuds can repeat. The wider the frequency response range, the better. Driver size and codecs also contribute to a clearer sound. Look for earbuds with a minimum 10 mm driver that supports codecs such as HD, aptX LDAC 900, and aptX.
Consider the compatibility of earbuds and the Bluetooth connection
Check out if the earbuds and their Bluetooth connection are compatible with your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Moreover, the range of the Bluetooth connection also plays a big role.
Purchase a noise-cancelling model
Noise cancellation is more than just an advanced feature for tech nerds: this option blocks out outside noise. Therefore, you can listen to the radio or music without being distracted by any unwanted sounds around you. There are two types of noise cancellation: passive noise cancellation and active noise cancellation. Active noise cancellation identifies and blocks out specific sounds, while passive noise cancellation blocks lower-frequency sounds from getting in.
Without getting too technical, it is important to know that both functions are quite useful in certain situations. That’s why you should consider buying earbuds with both passive and active cancellation functions for a top-notch listening experience. Moreover, it is quite practical to have earbuds that let you change the level of noise cancellation manually.
Think of water resistance and durability of earbuds
For better durability look for the waterproof earbuds with in-built dust, shock, and water resistance. These features make the device cost more, but they are very practical especially if you plan to use earbuds outside and for working out.
Choose mid-sensitive earbuds
Earbuds with higher sensitivity respond to changes in electrical power more quickly. They can produce louder sounds than the earbuds with lower sensitivity, and it makes the music listening less secure. That’s why it is better to pick earbuds with a middle sensitivity (sound pressure level).
Look for additional features for a better listening experience
Modern high-end wireless earbuds come up with some additional features that may appear useful to you. For example, if earbuds support quick charge technology, you can charge them quicker and more stably.
As seen above, you should keep in mind many different factors when choosing the wireless earbuds that will suit your needs. To get information about the technical specifications of the model, carefully look into its product details. And even if all the requirements above are very important for the listening experience, you should prioritize them depending on your lifestyle. Sporty wireless earbuds must be resistant to water, be sweatproof, and have a secure fit, and wireless earbuds for the office must deliver perfect sound quality with excellent noise isolation. When choosing earbuds, focus on the features you need the most, but try to find a balance between different functions.

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