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News |  29 Sep 2023 13:02 |  By RnMTeam

Indian singer-songwriter A L R collaborates with Talent from Indonesia for music video of debut hit single "Under The Sheets”

MUMBAI: A L R, the stage name of the exceptionally talented singer-songwriter Abhilash LR, is captivating music enthusiasts with the release of the reprise version of his debut hit single, "Under The Sheets," accompanied by a stunning music video. Originally introduced in 2019, "Under The Sheets" swiftly garnered critical acclaim, accumulating thousands of views and winning the hearts of listeners worldwide.

Now, with the reprise version's release, A L R aims to provide fans with an even more intimate and personal musical experience. The video is set to debut worldwide on the 7th of September 2023. "Under The Sheets" is a deeply emotional song that beautifully captures the essence of love and nostalgia. With heartfelt lyrics and a soul-stirring melody, the song takes listeners through cherished memories and moments shared with loved ones. The warm reception of the original version serves as a testament to A L R's prowess as a singer-songwriter, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more from this rising talent.

With the reprise version, A L R seeks to strip the song down to its bare essence, allowing his emotive vocals to take center stage. Accompanied by a captivating piano and strings arrangement produced by the renowned Bagus Bhaskara from Indonesia, this rendition promises to immerse listeners in the raw emotions and vulnerability of A L R's musical artistry. "This reprise version of 'Under The Sheets' is deeply personal to me," shares A L R. "I wanted to create a more intimate rendition of the song, focusing solely on the essence of the songwriting.

Working with Bagus Bhaskara on the arrangement has been an incredible experience, and I believe it perfectly captures the emotions I wanted to convey." Beyond the soulful music, the release marks A L R's official entry into the vibrant music scene of Indonesia. Having moved to Indonesia a year ago, he found inspiration from numerous local musicians. As an artist with a keen appreciation for cultural influences, A L R chose to collaborate with an all-Indonesian crew and cast for the music video. Directed by Adrian Hendrawijaya and featuring the stunning Yuki Aprilia, the video aptly captures the song's intimate, minimalist, and alluring vibe, elevating the overall experience for viewers.