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News |  30 Sep 2023 17:36 |  By RnMTeam

Young Bombs illuminate the dance floor with new single, 'Strangers'

MUMBAI : Hailing from Vancouver, the dynamic duo Young Bombs once again illuminate the dance music scene with their latest single, “Strangers”, enriched with the captivating vocals of Linney. Penmanship for "Strangers" comes courtesy of the enchanting Linney, known for collaborations with Gareth Emery and Tritonal, as well as the proficient Zach Martino, who has credits with industry giants such as Borgeous and The Chainsmokers. Promising to take  listeners on an emotive journey through the mazes of love and fervor, "Strangers" narrates the haunting tale of fleeting passion and obscured truths, embodying the very essence of a night shrouded in yearning and unpredictability. “Strangers” is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Sony Music Canada.

“Strangers” unveils the intricate layers of ardor and desire, navigating the nuances of clandestine rendezvous and unrevealed sentiments. The narrative is one of nights drenched in longing and uncertainty, echoing the pulse of every heart that has ventured into the enigmatic realms of passion. Known for their genre-blending production style, Young Bombs artfully merges elements of pop and melodic house, the duo never fails to deliver a sound that's both refreshingly modern and evocative, effortlessly  permeating the spectrum from radio airwaves to the heartbeat of the club scenes.

As they soar through the vast skies of dance music, Young Bombs continue to shine brilliantly in the dance music universe. Their meteoric rise is solidified by an awe-inspiring following of near 1 million monthly active listeners and a jaw-dropping 215 million Spotify streams. Their impeccable craftsmanship is palpable in every crescendo and drop of their productions,  breathing life into rhythms that pulsate with life and melodies  that beckon to be remembered long after the song fades. “Strangers” stands as a shining testament to Young Bombs’ innate talent in sculpting musical experiences that not charm with catchy beats but also evoke deep sentiments, leaving a lasting impression on listeners. As they continue on their unparalleled trajectory, Young Bombs continue to carve their legacy, imprinting their signature on the ever-evolving canvas of the dance music realm.