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News |  27 Oct 2023 17:02 |  By RnMTeam

Chamak : UMX blows you away in style with his latest rap track that talks about never letting anyone takes away your shine

MUMBAI : The Indian rap scene is bustling with numerous talents, but if there’s one artist who has carved a distinct niche of his own in this space, it has to be UMX! The much loved rapper is all set to win many more hearts with his latest release ‘Chamak’ produced by Audio Only.

A rap that is much more than just a rap, Chamak is an introspective piece that dives deep into the journey that UMX has taken. Capturing the rapper’s personal growth while being surrounded by naysayers, the song emphasizes on shutting all the negative noise down to focus on inner happiness. While the title translates into ‘shine’, the song itself asks us to focus on enhancing your shine while no matter what external pressure has to say. Its core message “Never let others take away your shine” speaks volumes as it conveys a message of empowerment, encouraging listeners to believe in their own capabilities and shine brightly, regardless of the obstacles they encounter.

With lyrics that reflect on UMX’s internal turmoil when society kept judging and rejecting his talent, Chamak begins as a candid unraveling of the rapper’s early life, and slowly transitions into an inspirational number about self confidence and resilience. Sung, composed and penned by UMX, with music production by Nicks Kukreja, the track boasts of a rich and rocking rhythm that immediately catches your attention.

A native of mystical Kashmir, Umar Mukhtar, famously known as UMX, is a multi talented artist who can sing, compose, write and rap with passion. Driven by the vision of building his own unique brand of sound, he is eponymous for creating a fierce and fearless fusion of hip-hop and other genres.

Talking about his latest release, UMX said, “Chamak looks back at the hurdles that society threw at me while I was climbing the ranks. This idea of this song emerged from a very personal part of my journey. I’ve always been interested in blending true and honest emotions in my work, and with Chamak, I hope to encourage people to embrace their true selves and not be bothered by what the world outside says”.

Sharing his thoughts on the song, Rohit Sobti, Co- Founder,Artiste First, said, “ We listened to this track outside UMx home in Anantnag. This track stood out to us and we are happy the final shape it took from Audio and Video Perspective” . On the outset, Chamak is a rap song with trendy beats and a super catchy rhythm, but at its core, this is an artist candidly sharing his struggles and proudly announcing his rise. Audio Only associates with talents who think out of the box and believe in originality, and UMX is one such passionate artist who always offers something new in his music”.  

A refreshingly original label that cuts the clutter and focuses on the unfiltered ‘audio’ format of music, Audio Only is a platform where the newest and established  artistes showcase pure talent and connect with their kind of audience. Audio Only’s latest release is yet another diverse melody with immense repeat value. The song Chamak is now live on all leading platforms.