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News |  20 Nov 2023 11:42 |  By RnMTeam

'Door Aa Gaye' – A Distinctive Musical Collaboration by Vishal Mishra and Dino James

MUMBAI : In a ground-breaking collaboration, "Door Aa Gaye," a captivating musical fusion that brings together the extraordinary talents, Indian music composer and singer Vishal Mishra with the dynamic hip-hop star and reality show winner, Dino James, for the very first time.

Fresh from the success of hits like "Zihaal e Miskin" and "Jaaniye," Vishal Mishra joins forces with the celebrated Khatron Ke Khiladi winner, Dino James, to create a unique collaboration that transcends musical boundaries.

"Door Aa Gaye" is a soul-stirring love track that seamlessly blends Vishal's melodic vocals with Dino's distinctive hip-hop vibe. This song is the perfect companion for those introspective nights when the party transitions from energetic dance beats to soothing, heartfelt melodies.

Both the music and lyrics of "Door Aa Gaye" are a result of the collaborative genius of Vishal Mishra and Dino James. Together, they have crafted a new-age ode to love and longing, showcasing their versatility and creative synergy.

Talking about his experience on making Door Aa Gaye, Vishal Mishra says, “Creating 'Door Aa Gaye' with Dino James was a musical experience that blended our distinct styles into a harmonious celebration of love. I wanted to surprise my audience with something fresh, and this unique collaboration perfectly fit the bill. Dino is an exceptional artist and working with him was a lot of fun and learning. I'm eagerly anticipating our fans' response to this track!"

Dino James shares his thoughts on working with Vishal Mishra for 'Door Aa Gaye,' expressing “Collaborating with Vishal Mishra on 'Door Aa Gaye' was a one-of-a-kind experience, marking my first venture into such a creative space. Vishal and I poured our best efforts into crafting this track, and I hope people resonate with its vibes. The music video features Vishal in a different avatar and complements the theme beautifully. I'm genuinely excited about this project!"

A musical journey that transcends genres, as "Door Aa Gaye" emerges as a testament to the power of collaboration and the magic that unfolds when two exceptional artists join forces.

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