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News |  20 Feb 2024 13:00 |  By RnMTeam

Actor Rajniesh Duggall and Delbar Arya gear up for the release of their upcoming Romantic Ballad 'Rabba', Presented by Tres Monstruo and directed by Suman Guha

MUMBAI : Actor Rajniesh Duggall and Delbar Arya are set to captivate audiences with their mesmerizing chemistry in the upcoming romantic song "Rabba." Presented by Tres Monstruo and directed by Suman Guha, the eagerly awaited song is scheduled to release on February 22nd.

"Rabba" promises to be a soul-stirring melody that celebrates love and longing, offering audiences an enchanting journey through its heartfelt lyrics and soulful composition.

Speaking about the song, Rajniesh shared, “It's a love song that revolves around heartbreak. I portray the character of a guy who experiences intense heartbreak upon reuniting with his lover after a long time, only to discover that she's getting married. His world is shaken, and he feels utterly shocked as his entire life is turned upside down. All he yearns for is another opportunity. The video beautifully captures this narrative, featuring a unique ending."

Talking about the song Delbar shared, "My character is highly emotional. While she presents herself as strong and selfish outwardly, in reality, she is deeply caring and silently sacrifices herself for the happiness of others. The storyline revolves around a love story where trust and faith play crucial roles in any relationship."

When asked about any memorable experience while shooting for the song, Rajniesh shared, "The shooting for the song was intriguing, with some sequences presenting challenges. The concluding sequence was particularly intense, leading to a moment of breakdown. After Delbar and I executed that shot and left the set, both the Maltese crew and our own were moved to tears. It sparked a realization about the depth of drama and emotion depicted in Indian songs and movies."

Speaking about the same Delbar shared, “Overall, the shoot was enjoyable, with occasional adjustments needed during filming. I didn't encounter any significant challenges throughout the process. However, there was one sequence where I immersed myself completely, delving deep into the moment, and became so emotional that I momentarily lost awareness of portraying a character in front of the camera. The entire set empathized with me, shedding tears alongside. It took some time for me to transition back to reality. Such moments fuel my passion as an artist and offer avenues for further exploration."

Directed by the talented Suman Guha, "Rabba" is anticipated to be a visual and auditory treat, blending picturesque cinematography with evocative storytelling.