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News |  28 Feb 2024 11:23 |  By RnMTeam

French Montana dives into generative music on 'Ride the Wave'

MUMBAI: French Montana has worked with SOUNDRAW to craft his new single, “Ride the Wave,” demonstrating how artists and producers can use AI to enrich their creativity. Drawing on SOUNDRAW’s fun generative capabilities, the rapper, who writes and produces his own tracks, found real inspiration.

One of the very few rappers with a diamond-certified single (“Unforgettable”), Grammy-nominated French Montana is known for his tech-savvy approach to music making and the music business, experimenting with NFTs and web3 and pioneering innovative distribution strategies. This openness toward tech extends to AI.

“We connected with French Montana via a mutual friend, and he fell in love with SOUNDRAW,” explains SOUNDRAW CEO Daigo Kusunoki. “We’re so thrilled to see how French Montana used our technology to unleash his own, distinctive voice and creativity.”

Founded by Kusunoki, a Japanese championship-winning dancer with a successful music tech startup behind him, SOUNDRAW is designed to unlock the music creativity of those new to songwriting and those who make music part of bigger projects (such as crazy AI-generated pizza ads). Kusunoki knows how to make a viral, accessible product: His previous company, a wearable music device called Soundmoovz, sold nearly half a million units in just 18 months.  

That same viral quality resounds in SOUNDRAW. SOUNDRAW is popular with creators, producers, and artists in Hip Hop and other genres such as Drill, Phonk, and Afrobeats, and more than half a million users are experimenting with generative music on the platform. Its easy-to-understand licensing model gives users all the rights to whatever they generate, forever. Designed for both casual creators and highly skilled producers like French Montana, SOUNDRAW shows how AI can empower music makers at every stage, even when they are running at the front of the pack.

It empowered the ever curious French Montana to add a new flavor to his beloved production style, just the right unexpected beat, as he cooked up his much anticipated new album Mac & Cheese 5. “I’m not chasing a perfect eight with a pop hook,” he recently told Andre Gee in a Rolling Stone interview, discussing his creative process in the studio. “If you don’t feel that turbulence in your soul when you hear it, I ain’t doing my job.”