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News |  28 Mar 2024 17:58 |  By RnMTeam

Jyotica Tangri's Melancholy transforms into a musical masterpiece: Singer says, "I have superpower of artistic expression"

MUMBAI: Jyotica Tangri is known for her iconic songs like Pallo Latke, Ishq De Fanniyaar and O'Meri Laila in Bollywood. The singer has a vast collection of songs that her fans love to listen to in a loop. The latest addition to the playlist is 'Sabar', the new song is already capturing the fan's attention.

Jyotica loves to show her versatility as an artist and 'Sabar' is one of those chances that proves the point. The song takes you on a journey that will leave you with an afterthought. Embracing the journey of transforming personal emotions into art, Jyotica's profound experience of life inspired her to make this song. When faced with the choice between sorrow and channelling that sadness into a song, she opted for the latter.

Jyotica shared, "There is someone who went away and is never coming back, so I had two options either to be sad about it or be sad but express it through a song so I chose the second option". Jyotica possesses the superpower of translating a myriad of emotions into music. Through the creation of 'Sabar, she allowed these emotions to flow freely, ensuring that her audience could resonate with the depth of feelings embedded in every note.

Jyotica said, "Being an artist I have this superpower of channelling any emotion into art while writing ‘Sabar’ I had so many emotions flowing, including melancholy, anger, helplessness and hope, so my audience can feel all these while listening to Sabar", she concluded.