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News |  18 May 2024 14:53 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Samarth Swarup on his upcoming EP "Sama": A celebration of diversity through music

MUMBAI: Singer, songwriter and composer Samarth Swarup is all set to release his highly anticipated EP, "Sama." In an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic, Swarup shares insights into the inspiration, stories, and creative process behind this musical journey that promises to transcend boundaries and celebrate diversity.  

A Handpicked Musical Journey
 “Thanks for the love and support everyone’s giving to SAMA,” Swarup begins. “It’s a handpicked bunch of songs that I have been working on for the last few years. I had plans to drop them all as singles but got an opportunity with T-Series to package them together as an EP, which turned out fabulous.” Swarup believes that listeners will relate to these tracks as they feature contemporary sounds while retaining folk melodies that instantly light up the listener. “All songs have a very sing-along characteristic. That’s how SAMA celebrates diversity through its music,” he explains.

Creating an Anthem for Young Love
The EP’s first track, "Dholna," is an upbeat love song that blends melody with catchy beats to create an anthem for young love. Swarup describes his approach: “Dholna has that very relatable tune in the hook lines, which I composed first, and then gradually I created the beats around it. Being a composer and producer, I wanted Dholna to be a song that not only focuses on the beats but also delivers a great melody. Melody is always the soul of any song, whereas beats are the body. And when combined with a groovy beat, it becomes the perfect package.”

A Wedding Day Surprise
 "Lage Na Jiya" holds a special significance for Swarup, as it was a gift to his wife on their wedding day. “Isha and I got married in December, and LNJ was OUR song until the release, but now it’s being loved by the world,” he shares. Swarup wrote this song for his wife and surprised her with the track on their wedding day. “Each and every word of the song is my dedication to Isha,” he says, quoting the first few lines: “Bhaley chup rahiyo aaj mere dholna, tu naino se bolna.” He explains that both he and Isha were nervous before the wedding, and these lines capture that moment perfectly, emphasizing how their love language transcends words. “There are many such little personal stories translated into this song! I simply love it when I see comments from people saying how beautifully they relate to this song.”

A Profound Journey of Emotion
Another notable track on the EP, "Mann Jugnoo," explores themes of love, self-discovery, and inner reflection. Swarup aimed to create a love song with a grand vibe, especially in the chorus. “I wanted to create a love song which has a grand vibe, especially in the chorus. It takes you places virtually! This song is the correct vibe for that situation when you’re traveling on maybe a vacation with someone special,” he elaborates. With "Sama," Samarth Swarup offers a collection of songs that not only showcase his musical prowess but also resonate deeply with listeners. Through his heartfelt compositions and evocative lyrics, Swarup takes his audience on a journey that celebrates love, diversity, and the beauty of human emotions. As the release date approaches, fans eagerly await the chance to experience the magic of "Sama.”