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News |  14 Jun 2024 12:59 |  By RnMTeam

Josh Makazo takes viewers on a cinematic journey with enthralling new video 'Hours'

MUMBAI: Singapore's rising star Josh Makazo has released a new single "Hours" via No Saints Allowed. This release, marked by a visually compelling music video, explores the nuanced emotional landscape of past relationships. Fans can listen to "Hours" here: and watch the music video here.

"Hours" reflects on the bittersweet process of reminiscing about a past lover. Through his vivid lyricism and haunting melodies, Makazo confronts the need to let go, expressing a heartfelt farewell to cherished yet ephemeral memories. He shares, "Many of my songs are written within a short time frame or 'within the moment' upon undergoing some sort of emotional journey. My approach with 'Hours' was actually the complete opposite, and the song itself is a capsulation of emotions I had pent up for a very long time about a specific relationship. "

As a self-produced artist, 21-year-old Makazo's practices involve a lot of trial and error as he develops his sonic identity, exploring a darker side of the adolescent experience through his songwriting sensibilities, lyricism, and a moody, yet approachable soundscape.

"With all my works, creating 'Hours' was a deeply personal process," Makazo explains about the new track. "I spent nights layering melodies and crafting the arrangement to capture the raw emotions of heartbreak and reflection. Producing my own music grants me the gift of complete creative control, ensuring every note harmonizes with my vision – it's a labor of love."

Directed by Salihin Ramli and produced by Singapore-based Abundant Productions, the “Hours” music video is a cinematic exploration of Asian Sci-Fi. The story examines Makazo's character risking his life to use forbidden technology that reconnects him with a past lover.

In March 2024, Makazo released the deluxe version of his debut album 'GRADIENT'. The album has garnered over 20 million cumulative streams over all platforms – his most recognised track "half of my heart" gained 2.3 million streams within 60 days of its initial release after going viral. His dedication and ongoing efforts culminated in him being ranked as the #2 “Most-Viewed Artist” on TikTok in Singapore last year, and he is one of the region's most exciting breakout artists of 2024.

With "Hours", Josh Makazo only continues to build on his musical legacy and sets the stage for his upcoming sophomore album, 'ULTRAVIOLET', which promises to further explore themes of love, loss, and self-discovery.