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News |  21 Jun 2024 17:22 |  By RnMTeam

Ahead of World Music Day 2024, Neha Bhasin talks about the essence and importance of music in her life, reveals the secret behind constantly upgrading herself as an artiste

MUMBAI: As far as the Indian music industry is concerned, Neha Bhasin in every sense of the term has to be the perfect blend of adroitness, artistry and technique. Right from the time she emerged in the music space till now, she has always focused on being eccentric and unrepeatable and that's why, her excellence is nonpareil, superior and second to none.

While her vocals have always been her demarcating factor, another important reason why she's immensely loved and respected is because of her vogue choices which is a class apart in itself. Her vibe is all about snazzy and sassy and that's why, she's naturally modernistic and appealing to people across all generations. The way she constantly finds a way to redefine and upgrade herself as per changing times is truly exemplary and that's what makes her pertinent.

While high-chic vogue has always been a part of her DNA, Neha has always identified herself as a musician first before a style icon. Her astounding and breathtaking body of work as a singer speaks for itself. So, for someone of Neha's experience, calibre and proficiency, what does music mean to her in today's time and how does she constantly get better of it. Ahead of World Music Day, when we asked Neha the same, she said and we quote,

"Music is synonymous to life for me and vice-versa. It is the air to my lungs and the oxygen which I constantly need to survive and thrive. This form of art has given me my identity all over the country and globally and that's why, I will always and forever be indebted to my art. Also, given the fact that this is such a brilliant time for music as there's no dependence on just film music, it has given artistes like me the wings to fly like never before. The sky is truly the limit and you don't need a big machinery to make anything a hit. The hunger in me to learn, to create, to deliver is alive and ever growing. It's all about quality. I personally feel I will only get better with the support of my audience and that's the biggest reason for me to always upgrade. It's not just about retaining the love of old admirers but also earning and winning new admirers. I am always on my toes and I do everything that's needed in terms of practice, training and everything to breathe music. No matter how occupied I am with song recordings, I am still doing n number of live shows and the eccentric vibe of the audience gets the best out of me. So yes, World Music Day for me is a way to thank my art form for everything that it has given to me and a gentle reminder that my success should never be taken for granted. That's what keeps me going and that's why even today, I am fortunate to receive so much love from all corners. A very happy World Music Day to one and all."

Well, Neha Bhasin has always been known and respected for her humility and self-effacing attitude and that's what makes her a class apart and a tad different from her contemporaries. Here's wishing her all the love and success for all her future endeavours going forward. Stay tuned for more updates.