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News |  21 Jun 2024 14:02 |  By RnMTeam

Artiste First’s ‘Vanilla Prelude’ featuring Qafilah will grab your attention with its raw power

MUMBAI: When was the last time you heard a hip-hop track that was raw, bold and brooding, with a roaring beat that elevated its whole feel? Artiste First’s latest release is just that kind of song! Featuring rising sensation Qafilah, ‘Vanilla Prelude’ is a hip-hop number that boasts of style as well as substance.

A powerful hip-hop melody that doubles as a poignant note for times of despair, ‘Vanilla Prelude’ delves into strong themes like betrayal, personal struggles and loneliness. It captures the pain of being misunderstood and feeling disconnected. Through this musical journey, the track also discovers many silver linings as it talks about resilience and giving life another chance.

Each and every lyric has a deeper meaning, evident by lines such as ‘Main chaahu aam si maut’ and ‘Freeze hua kalam phir se aaj’ in the track. While the words bind us in a mesmerising sense of melancholy, they also offer rays of hope with lines like ‘Ek zarra baaki dil mein’ and ‘Ab imaan bhi nai gavaana’.

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Sung, written and composed by Qafilah, with music production by 30KEY!, ‘Vanilla Prelude’ is a track that can be heard and felt at the same time. The song sees Qafilah blend his signature personal voice with an unflinching theme.

Hailing from the serene valleys of Srinagar, Qafilah is a hip-hop artist with a difference. The talented musician explores inner themes and political messages in his work, while dressing them with stellar music, stunning lyrics and sensational hip-hop beats.

Talking about his creation, Qafilah said, “There are few tunes that were always meant to be a personal journey. Vanilla Prelude is that tune for me. In this track, I’m looking inward to express certain emotions that many people out there will be able to connect with. Vanilla Prelude does take people to some raw and unflinching places, but it also ends with the idea of hope and second chances. I’m really excited about how the fans will receive this song”.

Expressing his thoughts on the track, 30KEY! said, “This is a very special hip-hop number. The moment Qafilah discussed its core idea with me, I was extremely excited to explore the themes that he was speaking about. Vanilla Prelude’s music is a companion piece to its entire mood and feel. It was a welcome challenge working with Qafilah and Artiste First on this song”.

Sharing his thoughts on their latest release, Rohit Sobti, Co-Founder, Artiste First said, “Qafilah is a unique and gifted musician. Artiste First's entire philosophy is to empower and encourage musical minds to create special and diverse tunes. Vanilla Prelude is one such track that hits all the right notes for a hip-hop number, but also offers something extra in terms of depth and substance. Hip-hop fans will really identify with the refreshing style of this song”.

If you are looking for a fresh, new and exciting hip-hop track that’s nothing like the tunes you’ve heard before, it’s time to add ‘Vanilla Prelude’ to the top of your playlist!

The song ‘Vanila Prelude’ is available on all leading audio platforms.