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News |  08 Jul 2024 12:49 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Parth discusses the Journey and impact of his debut EP, ‘Savera’

MUMBAI: Emerging artist Parth has made a significant mark on the music scene with his debut EP, ‘Savera’. Comprising four diverse tracks, this EP showcases Parth's versatility and creativity. In an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic, Parth delves into the journey of creating ‘Savera’, the emotions and experiences behind each track, and his growth as an artist through this ambitious project.

Inspiration Behind Savera
When asked about the inspiration behind his new EP, Savera, Parth shared, “When I made this EP, Savera, I was very clear about the kind of songs I wanted to include. The EP has four songs, and two of them were composed and written back in 2020, during the COVID pandemic. This is my debut EP, so when I decided to release it, I was both excited and nervous. For the very first time, I will be releasing my EP, so I wasn’t sure what the response would be. I was a bit nervous. If you talk about inspiration, there wasn’t any specific one. I knew I had to release an EP someday, and it came out today.”

Creative Process Behind the Tracks
Discussing the creative process behind the songs, Parth elaborated, “All four songs of this EP have a different mood and different spice to them. For instance, ‘Sahiba’ has a very commercial, proper Bollywood romantic feel. On the other hand, ‘Laage Na’ is a semi-classical song with a very soothing style. ‘Thoda Tera’ is a slow, sweet romantic song, whereas ‘Le Chal Zara’ is a full party pop song. I had to show versatility in my EP because if people listen to all four songs and don't like the first song, they won’t listen to the rest, no matter how good the songs are. If your first song is good, then obviously, they will listen to the rest, even if they don't like them.” He continued, “I had already made two songs, ‘Sahiba’ and ‘Le Chal Zara,’ during COVID. ‘Laage Na’ and ‘Thoda Tera’ came later. My thought process was about conveying a big message through a small song. People are liking them, so this was my process.”

Growth as an Artist Reflected in Savera
Reflecting on his growth as an artist, Parth said, “My first EP, Savera, has significantly impacted my life. Before Savera, I had released a few songs, but there were only four. Now, with the addition of the EP, my catalog has expanded to eight songs. The fact that it was released with T-Series gives it a certain market credibility. When I tell people it was released with T-Series, they are happy and impressed.” He added, “On a personal level, Savera has been very helpful for me as an artist. Releasing individual songs is one thing, but releasing an entire EP is a different challenge mentally. It’s easier to release a single song, but there are always questions about whether it will be successful. Overcoming these doubts is important, and Savera has helped me do that. This is the full scenario of what is happening in my mind right now.”

Message and Experience for Listeners
Parth hopes his listeners take away meaningful messages from the tracks on Savera. “I want people who listen to ‘Sahiba’ to learn to love, those who listen to ‘Laage Na’ to learn to understand music, and those who listen to ‘Le Chal Zara’ to appreciate it after partying. Most importantly, people should learn to respect love. If this message reaches people, then my EP's motive will be fulfilled,” he concluded.