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News |  08 Jul 2024 12:54 |  By RnMTeam

Sid M speaking about the inspiration behind “Falling”

MUMBAI: “Sonically, "Falling" encapsulates everything I love and admire. Having grown up as part of rock bands and being a founding member of the Electro-Pop act Cryosis, my musical identity has been shaped by Alternative, Rock, Electronic, and Dance Music. "Falling" draws inspiration from legendary artists across these genres, blending emotional lyrics about the struggles of facing one's own demons. I hope this resonates deeply with listeners. ”

Speaking about the music video for “Falling”:
My song, "Falling," opens with the line, "They say it's childhood trauma," and follows a female protagonist grappling with her mental challenges. The music video portrays three individuals who are isolated, without a place to call home, and relying solely on each other. Despite their close bond, they struggle financially, which is evident in their living conditions.

Artist: Sid M
Release: Falling (Single)
Release Date: 14th July 2024
Exclusive: Music Video Premiere on Vh1 - WATCH MUSIC VIDEO
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The girl is in a romantic relationship with one of the guys but feels torn between him and their other friend. Although she doesn't act on these feelings, the spark with her partner has faded, and she feels more appreciated by the other friend, leading to inner conflict, regret, and guilt. Her partner, uncomfortable with her closeness to the other guy, contributes to frequent fights, creating a tense atmosphere.

Throughout the video, all three characters struggle with their internal demons, highlighting their shared emotional turmoil. The story sheds light on the common teenage experience of finding the right person and making the right choices. Ultimately, the protagonist realizes that these pursuits are not worth the toxicity they bring. The story concludes on an open-ended note, emphasizing the lack of harmony and the impact of opposing thoughts within the trio’s friendship. Each character, flawed and carrying emotional baggage, represents the challenging yet essential journey of self-discovery and finding the right companion.