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News |  12 Jan 2015 19:21 |  By IANS

Azealia Banks has three alter egos

MUMBAI:  Rapper Azealia Banks says one personality is not enough for her so she works three alter egos.

The singer feels that each of her personalities has a unique trait and wants to express herself through different egos, reports

"One personality is not enough for me. I need to express myself through alternate fictitious mouthpieces. Sometimes I'm young Rapunzel who is vivacious and feisty. Then another day I might be Little Bambi, who is sexy and likes to show her bits but doesn't want to be touched.

"Finally I have Mariposa, which is the Spanish word for butterfly. My mom worked late when I was a kid so I was raised by Dominican babysitters and they gave me the name. It means I am flighty and delicate," she told Q magazine.

Banks has a number of pets but her guinea pig in particular does not get on with her other animals.

"Kanye is my guinea pig. He's got a bit of an attitude and my two cats are always trying to take him out. He antagonises them through the bars of the cage," she said.

"One day he'll be lunch unless he realises his position in the food chain is much lower than a cat's," she added.