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News |  24 Aug 2015 20:35 |  By RnMTeam

RJ Siddharth to attend International Radio Festival and explore Switzerland

MUMBAI: Big FM's RJ Siddharth has been selected from India to be part of the International Radio Festival (IRF) 2015.

While the selection process wasn't easy, Siddharth managed to make his way through it to Switzerland. The RJ will take a flight to the capital of Switzerland tonight (24 August) and will return on 2 September, 2015.

Siddharth, who will represent India on the international platform, has prepared himself for the same by researching about the city and the country at large.

“I have had several meetings with Switzerland tourism and they briefed me on the historical culture of Switzerland. It’s a very small country, both area and population wise. It has a lot of lakes and mountains. People drink water directly from the lakes and fountains there. There are also small industries like the cottage industry. They also have villages there and I would like to visit them. Whatever, I have read is secondary hence, I would like to experiment it all,” said Siddharth.

He also has his material in place for the radio show that he will be running at IRF. “IRF is represented by all the RJs from different countries thus I will try to showcase Indian film music from the ‘golden era of music.’ I will also give them a glimpse of the things that I do in India. This will be a good platform to showcase our film music and the way it has graduated over a period of time. That will be the main feature of my show there. People there don’t understand Hindi and English so, there will be a musical connection,” stated the RJ.

The RJ will also be attending the musical parade in Zurich to be held on 29 August, 2015 apart from being a part of the six day fest. “I am really excited about it as I am the one selected from India and it’s a huge honour. Secondly, I get to travel to a new place. This is my first trip to Switzerland. I'm looking forward to eating new food and meeting new people. Most importantly, I will get to meet radio people from different countries and get to hear distinct music and sound,” said an elated Siddharth.

Indian RJs have been a part of IRF in the past hence, when asked if he managed to share some notes with them, he said, “I would like to be there as someone who is there for the first time hence, I did not do that. Though, I used to see Malishka and Jeeturaaj's Facebook posts while they attended the fest.”

Apart from being on-air in Zurich, the RJ will also be on-air in India. “People back home will get to know about the things that I am doing in Zurich. I will be talking about the craft, culture and music.”