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On The Go |  24 Apr 2017 16:28 |  By RnMTeam

RJ Abhilash gets Purab Kohli furious

MUMBAI: Pranks are risky as they can always backfire, but RJ Abhilash Thapliyal best known as the Mufflerman is always at it. In fact, his latest prank got the always calm and composed actor Purab Kohli rather furious.

Purab who is currently promoting his recently released flick ‘Noor’ visited RJ Abhiash’s studio unaware of the prank planned for him. So, it all began subtly with RJ Abhilash addressing him as Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. Yes, he did call him Virat, not once or twice, but many times and this got Purabh furious.

The actor kept correcting Abhilash each time he addressed him as Virat, but he continued to do so, as this was a part of his prank. Livid with RJ Abhilash’s ignorance – as he assumed -- Purab got up from his chair to march out. This is when Abhilash finally broke the suspense. 

Purab took the prank sportingly and stayed back to laugh at what had happened.