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Press Release |  09 May 2016 16:12 |  By RnMTeam

Singer-Songwriter Mohit Mukhi to release his debut album

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Mohit Mukhi is releasing his debut album titled 'Running Shoes And A Thousand Dreams' on 12 May, 2016. The album will have both a digital and physical releases and features collaborations with stellar musicians in the Indian indie music space including Sanjay Divecha, Vinay Lobo, Sonu Sangameshwaran, Heather Andrews, and Kenneth Rebello among others.

Mohit has been working on the album since the past six years with the first session of the album being in October 2015. The rhythm section and the guitars were recorded live and all songs have been written on a single guitar. With Mohit already planning to start work on another album, he will soon be gigging and going on an album release tour very soon.

Below is a track-by-track lowdown of each song in the album:

Those Lights: This is the first song that Mohit wrote for the album and is hence special to him. It has been written, rewritten and reworked over the years and is very different from the first scratch recorded by Mohit.

Running Shoes and a Thousand Dreams: Speaking about this track particularly, Mohit says, “I wrote this song around the time when I was living a life where all I was doing is constantly chasing things and thinking about the ‘bigger picture’ of my dreams and ambitions. I think it took for a few of my friends to tell me this and make me realize how hopeless my current existence was, pretty much ignoring what I have now in the quest of what may never be. So this is like a note to myself, more than anything else.”

Until we fade: This song is inspired through phases in Mohit’s life and about insecurities, hopelessness, good times and bad ones, and impulsivity that we all face in the course of life.

Maybe This Time (August): An upbeat song, the track is about a guy who pretty much stopped feeling anything until he met someone. Mohit calls it his attempt in writing a Smith’s song.

Let me in (September): This is Mohit’s personal favourite song as it was written naturally and has been worked upon by him in one go.

Walk Through The World: Again, the song is about hard times and is inspired through trying and testing times in Mohit’s own life. “It’s more like me telling myself, I know it sucks right now but good times are around the corner. That pretty much sums up the song," he quips.

Suitcase: While the title is inspired from a line in Mohit’s friend’s song, the song is about feeling detached from everything.