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Press Release |  19 Apr 2017 14:38 |  By RnMTeam

GRAIN and Komorebi collaborate on new single 'Dream'

MUMBAI: ‘Dream’ is a collaboration between GRAIN (Gaurav Raina), a veteran and pioneer of the Indie Music Scene from India, and Komorebi (Tarana Marwah), a new talent who has found footing in the budding underground world of ambient electronica.

The song blends together two completely different schools of thought, striking the perfect combination of classic and alternative styles of Electronica.

One half of India’s famous MIDIval Punditz, Gaurav has been exploring the roots of electronic music, looking for a new, original sound.

“We wanted to experiment with cross-genre electronic music,” says Raina, who has fruitfully used interim time between albums to collaborate with artists he finds promising and exciting. Influenced by original soundtracks from Anime, Komorebi is a unique take on minimalistic electronica/electro pop and has been working with Gaurav for the past few months.

While there are obvious differences in melodic choices and writing technique between both collaborators, an inquisitive ear can find the common ground. Familiar strokes of harmony and soundscaping from artists like BT, M83, and Shpongle, to name a few.

‘Dream’ takes the listener on a vivid journey, unabashedly in and out of different sonic worlds. One starts at ground zero; a massive synth build up, embellished with haunting ukuleles and raw, uninhibited vocals. Some anthemic and heavy synth work follows closely, layered over huge contemporary grooves. The song then takes a detour into the colourful nowhere land of reverberating guitar solos, floating keys and visceral, electric echoes. The conclusive end melts crying violas into a poignant dialogue between the dreamer and his dream.

‘And I feel, you’re cheating time… Moving worlds within my mind...'

The single is complimented by some astonishing artwork from stalwart digital artist Archan Nayar featured on its upcoming music video.

Check the track here -