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Press Release |  21 Nov 2018 13:41 |  By RnMTeam

Life In Color Makes a smashing India Debut

MUMBAI: Life In Color is a global masterpiece that has achieved the tile of ‘World’s Largest Paint Party’ and deservingly so. On Sunday night, Miami’s most unique series of concerts made its’ India debut produced by Phoenix Live at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi, unleashing unprecedented gallons of liquid colorant on a 5,000 plus count of living canvases.

Combining notoriously high-energy billings and production with thrill inducing neon paint, the event embraced a fierce line-up of commercial house, trap, dubstep, and hip-hop and gave every attendee a slice of heaven. Cannons erupted, shooting acrylic paint in hues of red, green, yellow, pink, blue, over 200 feet from the stage to embrace each  participant with an indulging caress of color, creating a monumental rainbow sky over the entire Life In Color India family.

Featuring a sundry mix of artists like Diplo, DJ 4B, Divine, Ritviz and Smokey, the venue turned into an epicentre of high voltage teenage drama and energy. Dance-music purists might see the festival the parade of paint unworthy of commendation, but Life In Color is perhaps many a young kid's first foray into the scene thanks to its 16-and-over attendance policy.

Ritviz and Smokey kicked in the Life In Color festivities, bringing the world’s largest paint party to a colorful and melodic start. Supported by vibrant, geometric-shape-based visuals, DJ 4B acted as his own hype man, frequently throwing his hands up to make sure revellers were having as much fun as he was with his aggressive Jersey club electronic music. Host Sheldon Blake dressed in an illuminated jumpsuit made frequent visits on the stage. "This is our first time ever. Tonight is a special night because we are here to forget about all the drama in our lives. This is my 50th country." The rainbow streaked audience stomped their hearts out to Divine’s hip hop back breaking hits. He invited his one track collaborater Ritviz on stage as well as urged the audience to support local talent as he ushered in Krsna and Devil The Rhymer as special guests on his set. Diplo played the role of EDM's pied piper to perfection as he teased his hits, played new ones and got dirty in such a symphonically pleasing fashion. As a tradition, Diplo threw in Bollywood staples like Choli Ke Peeche, Amplifier, Kar Gayi Chull sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Bharath Verma, Founder, Phoenix Live states, “One of our main focus was to deliver an event that India hasn’t witnessed previously and set a new benchmark in the festival industry. It was such a gratifying experience. Everyone walked in as a blank canvas but by the time the show was over, every single festivalgoer was a piece of art. We look forward to hosting LIC in other cities in 2019.”