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Review |  31 May 2017 19:22 |  By RnMTeam

T-Series yet again serves old wine in new bottle - 'Daru Vich Pyaar'

MUMBAI: After 'Dil Mere' and 'Frankly Tu Sona Nachdi’, Ashwni Dir's upcoming release ‘Guest Lin London’ released its third song ‘Daru Vich Pyaar’. The song is a recreated version of the original song 'Thoda Daru Vich Pyaar Mila De'.

The original song is from the film 'Tum Bin'. The 2017 version of the track does not have any major changes except for a few beats here and there. Looks like the T-Series team got a bit lazy or they just fell too much in love with the track to not change it much.

The new song is much lively and colourful. The choreography and direction are outstanding. The music is directed by Raghav Sachar and sung by Taz. The song includes a ‘rap’ penned and rapped by Arya Acharya.

However, the rap portion does not fit well in this song. We wish the composers had gone with some ‘logic’ instead of ‘trend’.

Overall, ‘Daru Vich Pyaar’ is a well-shot song with fancy alcohol all around that will certainly drag you to a pub.

Check out the song below: