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Review |  18 Dec 2017 16:21 |  By Kavita Yadav

EVC 2017: Massive production, spectacular performances

MUMBAI: Do you remember the 70s and 80s Hindi film scenes where a man with half his shirt buttons open and pants rolled up used to march up from one corner of the cinema hall to the other, the black ticket sellers. This Hindi film scene was very real back then as you would spot these black ticket sellers in front of every single screen theater. The growth of multiplexes killed their business, but the music festivals seem to be bringing them back in place and the bar too has been raised. You don't see the usual gunda looking man, but the well-dressed lot trying to sell you tickets at the venues. Our EVC experience began with meeting at least five such ticket sellers, till we could get to the box-office. It amazed us how they manage to get there, but EVC 2017 wasn't about them or a few boys punching one and other at the entrance, it was about its outstanding line-up and two days of musical extravaganza.

We picked up our passes and walked into the venue that had a perfect set of security personals. The venue was secure and we could say that the moment we went through that security round. What blew our minds was the production value brought in by Twisted Entertainment and Universal Music Group. There were LEDs, laser lights, confetti and more. All put together with that high-quality sound system created the perfect ambiance for a multi-genre festival. This was the main aspect of the fest, but even the minutest of the things were taken care of by EVC team. They made mineral water available for free, a rare at any festival and that set an example for many other festivals, we just hope the others follow it. There were separate food counters and some seating space too made available for the ones looking forward to a quick meal. The washrooms were spick and span. So, there was hassle free entertainment available for all.

It was all just perfect and the cherry on the top was the line-up. Day one began with Snow Flaxes, who set the mood of the festival right. Get Massive took it to the next level, but the audience was keener on listening to Armin Van Burren. The waiting time fit in, Ruben De Ronde and Rodg, MaRLo and Markus Schulz. The Armin fans enjoyed Markus’ performance too, but the spirits went sky high when Armin Van Burren took over the EVC 2017 stage. The audience that was all scattered over the venue came running towards the stage. Leaving no space for even the ants to move.

Linda a college goer said, "I am loving all the performance, but I am sure that Armin will take it to the next level." And, he indeed did.

Another attendee Saima, who was there with her entire gang stated, "I am glad I bought the tickets."

For most, this was the first time at EVC and the festival did not disappoint them. The trance music on day one entertained the younger lot, but Day 2 witnessed a mix of all age groups. We were amazed to see a 65plus man dancing to Nucleya's music. He was so amazed. EVC Day 2 proved that it's for all.

The performances began with Shirley Setia who set the mood for Bollywood music on Day 2. The Bollywood music fans enjoyed her act. "This is my first time at EVC and I am having so much fun. I chose to be here on Day 2 because I am huge Bollywood fan," exclaimed Bhakti, who was in her mid-30s. Hugel took over next.

Robin Schulz keep the music flowing, until the star of the night Nucleya arrived. One could hear 'Nucleya! Nucleya! Nucleya!' even before he walked up the stage. When he finally began, there wasn't a single soul standing still. He made one laugh and dance to his comic-pitch perfect set. You've got to attend a Nucleya concert to know what its exactly like.

Next was Arijit Singh, and this melodious singer did win a many hearts. He was the cupid for many of the couples as they couldn't help but break into PDA as he crooned some of his biggest romantic tracks. Nobody wanted him to leave, but the time was up and he ended with Channa Mereya.

The two-day festival came to an end with DJ Chetas, who brought this festival to a spectacular end.

It's hard to find any flaws in this festival, but we wish it was an outdoor event. NESCO Centre was grand, but it couldn't bring the outdoor feel. Overall, EVC 2017 did entertain the newbies, but Aamby Valley was missed.