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Review |  27 Apr 2018 14:25 |  By Namrata Kale

BookMyShow's Broadway musical Disney's Aladdin- a plethora of dance, music and drama

MUMBAI: You must have watched Aladdin on your television sets or read this Arabian tale in books. But did you ever imagine these 2D characters to come to life? Well, BookMyShow and Disney India made this possible with Broadway-style musical Aladdin.

The show that is to be held in three cities Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad, kicked off in Mumbai at NCPA. Every soul that entered the world of Aladdin was left amazed and spell bounded. The musical was magnificent and entertaining in the truest sense. Everything from the characters to their costumes and lights to the stage backdrops was all perfect.

Taaruk Raina played the lead role of Aladdin, a poor boy from the city of Agrabah, whose innocence and presence sparkled the city. On the other side Kira Narayanan who wore princess Jasmine unveiled her life and her desires.

Each character displayed a unique side and apart from the lead characters we boil down to just a few actors. Mantra who played ‘Genie’ was in the top favourite list. His dialogue delivery was fantastic especially, the ones in Hindi.  Jaffar’s evil laugh created an echo. Besides Jaffar, the brat grabbed attention with his silly and quirky jokes. Jasmine’s father and ruler of Agrabah too grabbed the spotlight for his bubbly nature. And, the notorious three- Aladdin’s friends who went out of their way to save Aladdin

Along with the stage-friction and the setups, there were a few stunts which were performed with great skills. In terms of costumes, you can’t come down to that one person who had put on the best outfit. They were all glamorous.

Furthermore, apart from acting and singing their hearts out the characters narrated a few scenarios by shaking a leg to one of the best tunes. The entire city of Agrabah pepped up to some great dance moves.

The show was split into two halves with a short break where one could go and grab a bite. The second half began with a pump of energy and curiosity, as it marked the ‘Genie’s entry’. The Genie was meant to make Aladdin’s life easier who went along fulfilling his wishes. But, the Genie was not just the wish granter, he also essayed the roles of a love guru, supporter, guide and companion.

A few scenes in this musical will actually give you goosebumps. The first scene was Jasmine expressing her grief of not being able to explore the world beyond the palace walls; Aladdin making a promise to make his parents proud; Genie explaining his character and his role in Aladdin’s life and people of Agrabah describing the city. What made these scenes even more relatable was the music in the background by Alan Menken. The fine sound ambiance maintained the theatre’s aura and dignity. Lightings by Roosevelt D’Souza elevated the characters with their glittery costumes.

The show was a success as the crowd seemed content and overjoyed, “I really love the second part of the show,” expressed a viewer. While there were a few critics too, who did not appreciate the Genie talk in Hindi.

At the end of it, director Shruti Sharma deserved a big applaud. Illusionist Alexander Allams for creating a few gimmicky magical scenes.

In case you haven’t given the show a watch book your tickets on BookMyShow at the earliest. You definitely don’t want to miss this once in a lifetime experience.