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Review |  30 Apr 2018 20:12 |  By RnMTeam

'Kulfi' takes 'Nalayak' son, Rishi on a nostalgic trip of his 'Bachpan'

MUMBAI: The third song, Kulfi from Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor starrer, 101 Not Out is a slow heart-touching number.

The song starts with bachchan (childhood) with a heart-sinking message of forgetting your child if they turn out to be unworthy of your emotions and just remember their childhood. The song then shows Rishi reminiscing his childhood memories while visiting places that were a part of his growing up days. As he visits his classroom and the church he went to as a child, Rishi is shown going through a guilt trip.  

Musically, the song has a soft guitar being played throughout, which also creates a backdrop for the story shown. As happy Rishi comes home after visiting his classroom, there is a transition in the music as you hear tablas and strings here onwards at regular intervals. The classical compositions created by Salim-Sulaiman perfectly narrate the emotion of the song through music. The brother duo has done a fantastic job in their area of expertise i.e. classical music. And when it comes to the voice behind Kulfi, then nobody could be apt like Sonu Nigam, whose soft voice blends into the classical music of this soulful song. Sonu, through his voice, has literally narrated the frame of mind of both the father-son duo played by Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor in the film.

The lyrics of this emotional song are penned by Saumya Joshi on whose Gujarati play the film is based.

Check out the song here:

Kulfi might not be a huge hit like, Badumba that has crossed over six million views on YouTube, but the emotion of the song will leave you in tears.

In the film, Rishi Kapoor plays 102-year-old Big B’s Nalayak 75-year-old son. While Big B wants to break the record of being the oldest man alive, his son has a different idea. While Kulfi shows Rishi on a nostalgic trip to his childhood, the movie’s release will only reveal if Rishi supports his father and his dream or not.

Helmed by Umesh Shukla, 102 Not Out is slated to release on 4 May 2018.