Entertainment  |  05 Oct 2023

Acclaimed actor and musician Alexx O’Nell eagerly awaits release of 'Khuifya' on Netflix ,marking his first collaboration with director Vishal Bhardwaj

MUMBAI  : Renowned actor and musician Alexx O’Nell, recognized for his compelling performances in both film and music, is eagerly anticipating the

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Biz  |  08 Jan 2015

Gaana.com announces 'Top Charts of the Year 2014'

MUMBAI: As 2015 is ringing in, Gaana.com, favorite music streaming service , is all set to announce the 'Top Charts of the Year 2014', a list of l

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Biz  |  26 Nov 2014

Gaana's three-part brand campaign musical in nature

MUMBAI: Music streaming service Gaana is promoting its service through a musical campaign.

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Biz  |  14 Nov 2014

Gaana revamps its Android mobile application with new features

MUMBAI: Gaana.com, one of India’s leading online music broadcasting services, recently announced a major revamp of its Android mobile application,

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Biz  |  16 Oct 2014

Gaana 4.0 now features music videos and lyrics as well on mobile app

NEW DELHI: Gaana.com, the online music broadcasting service, has launched its upgraded Gaana 4.0 mobile app, integrating music videos and lyrics in

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Entertainment  |  27 Apr 2014

Gaana had five million downloads across various mobile platforms

Music streaming services in India like Gaana and Saavn will have to be prepared as the competition might get tougher with the entry of internationa

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Biz  |  08 Aug 2013

We foresee regional music opportunity getting bigger: Pawan Agarwal

Digital music provider Gaana.com has a new inductee at the senior level. Pawan Agarwal, who has more than a decade of successful  tech based...

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