Entertainment  |  27 Mar 2018

The Funk Hunters explore a spectrum of genres and emotions on 'Typecast'

MUMBAI: Earlier this year, The Funk Hunters teased two very different but equally catchy singles, Turn Down the Silence and Party Roc

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Entertainment  |  22 Jan 2018

The Funk Hunters release first track 'Turn Down The Silence'

MUMBAI: The Funk Hunters have teased the next single off their much anticipated upcoming album, and it's not one to be missed.

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Entertainment  |  23 Oct 2017

Gramatik releases 'Re:Coil Part I' EP out now

MUMBAI: Gramatik returns with Re:Coil Part I, an EP centred on themes of science and technology.

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Entertainment  |  11 Oct 2017

Gramatik and Balkan bump release 'Aymo' on Lowtemp Records

MUMBAI: Gramatik continues to prove himself as a relentless musical force, leading into his anticipated Re:Coil Pt.I  EP with the collabo

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