| 28 Feb 2024
9Apps is the most-searched app store in India

MUMBAI: 9Apps and 9Game, the world’s leading third-party app stores for Android apps/games, today announced it has 140 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs). The two stores altogether have also reached 8.5 million Daily Active Users (DAUs) with over 18 million daily aggregate downloads of apps and games.

Launched in 2012, 9Apps and 9Game, which are part of UCWeb, a business within Alibaba Group’s mobile business division, operate across regions including India, Indonesia, the Middle East and Russia. Boosted by mobile proliferation in these countries/regions and the marketplaces’ sizeable app repository, 9Apps and 9Game have quickly risen to become the go-to destination for smartphone users in where it serves. In addition, by providing in-depth localized operation and integrated promotion services, the app stores have also helped their partners around the world to grow through reaching out to a considerable user base.

Talking on the new milestone, Simon SHI, head of 9Apps and 9Game, said, “We have an active user community across China, India and other emerging markets which have helped us achieve this mark. 9Apps and 9Game give Android users an ideal alternative to download apps and games with no need for account registration. We have not just an abundant and varied app repository but also a huge collection of region-specific apps for each market – that’s one of the factors contributed to our uptrend. While the popularity we’re enjoying also speaks to the opportunity for our app developer partners as they stand a better chance to reach out to more users. “

Recently, UCWeb announced the launch of UC Open Platform 2.0 - an ecosystem to help Indian mobile internet players to acquire users and monetize traffic through UC Browser, 9Apps, 9Game and UC Union - a global traffic platform that has a vast distribution network and abundant campaign offers. UC Open Platform covers most genres of mobile internet players in India, including content and service providers, affiliates, developers, agencies, ad networks, publishers and advertises - providing a full-suite promotion and monetization platform.

9Apps marked its entry into India with an office opened in Mumbai in June 2014. The business has shown deep commitment to Indian market with its ‘Fundraiser Program’ launched earlier this year. 9Apps has committed Rs 10 lakh to not-for-profit organisation Prayas for education of the girl child in India.