| 30 Sep 2023
Amazon music customers to get an access to the ad supported, cost free tier facility

MUMBAI: Amazon has taken an initiative to come up with Amazon Music app on iOS, Anroid and FireTV is to  provide music for free, without any subscription or membership to Amazon Music Unlimited(AMU). One can now listen and add selected music to their playlist.

Previously Amazon provided this facility only to Amazon Echo devices but now all the customers will access to the ad supported, cost free tier of Amazon music

All the non-Echo owners in the US, UK, and Germany can access playlists and ‘stations’ based on any song, artist, era, and genre.

Amazon has come up with an expansion of its free tier’s hostile price promotion that will provide four months of premium, on demand service, Amazon Music Unlimited for just $0.99/£0.99. to its new customers.

Here’s the menu which currently includes five price tiers for the ones who are looking to play their selected tracks on Amazon’s streaming music.

1)     Ad-supported music service, offering radio ‘stations’ or Amazon Music playlists are available for free to all the users of Alexa enabled devices and even the other devices too from now

2)     Prime members ($119 per year in the US) can also access a limited on-demand catalog of over 2 million songs via Prime Music

3)     Owners of Echo speaker can subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited (50m-plus songs, all on-demand) for just $3.99 per month via an ‘Echo Plan’, but their account will be locked to their speaker

4)     A Family Plan for up to six users costs $14.99 per month. A full Amazon Music Unlimited subscription – available on multiple devices, and a direct rival to Apple Music or Spotify Premium – costs $9.99 per month, or $7.99 for existing Prime members

5)     An HD Family Plan costs $19.99 per month and a subscription to Amazon Music HD now costs $14.99 a month, or $12.99 a month for Prime members.